woman in red tube dress

These 9 Satin Slips from Zara are Just as Chic

woman in red tube dress

If you shop at Zara every week, it’s possible you came across the Pink Slip Dress before it became a viral sensation on the TikTok Fashion Girlies. Zara hauls are not uncommon on the app. However, this dress was the “diamond of the season” for many users. It was a must-have, and it sold out quickly. Zara’s selection of satin dresses is very popular right now so there are tons of options.

Zara shoppers began looking for the next big thing immediately after the Pink Slip Dress became a huge success. What did they choose? Another satin dress, you guessed it. The Tie-Dye Slip Dress has become a internet sensation. I have tried it out in person last week and can confirm its quality.

It’s also on the verge of selling out, so if you are late, you’ll need to look for a Zara slip dress that you love. It’s not difficult, it’s actually quite easy! Zara’s website is loaded with stylish satin effect dresses. They have styles that range from simple to long, strappy to full-length, and everything in between.

You should definitely check out your Zara for pink and tie dye slips. But if you are more of an online shopper, these satin dresses will be just as appealing. Who knows? This list is likely to contain the next Zara It Dress. (My money’s on number 2! ).

Shiny Silver $59.90

This satin dress almost matches the O.G. Pink Slip Dress. This sleek, silver option will match any outfit if you aren’t keen on the bright pink look.

Green Lace $49.90

A dress that is eye-catching and bright green is always a good choice. We can’t forget about this dress’s lace panel, low-cut neckline and lace panel.

Black Lace-Up $49.90

This lace-up detail gives this black satin dress a bit more opulence.

Orange Mini $45.90

This ruched satin gown is going to be the next It Dress. Sparkling heels? Swoon.

Blue Buttons $55.90

Royal blue is a popular color, and this swingy midi makes it even more appealing.

Ruched LBD $55.90

Looking for a new LBD or lingerie? This satin mini is the perfect choice, with a square neckline and flattering sleeve.

Simple Lilac $55.90

This slip can be worn as a single piece or layered underneath a sheer top if you are more into minimalism.

Pink Metal $129.00

Who doesn’t like a little bit of bling built in? This mini-size pink silk mini has chain detailing at the bust, and straps.

Black Sheath $55.90

You want something simple that you can style in a million different ways. You will love the classic black satin sheath.

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