brown Zara paper bag

#zaravsshein – everything you need about this fast fashion battle

brown Zara paper bag

Shein, known as the Amazon of fashion, is accused of copying Zara, a fast fashion retailer. This is everything you need to know.

You might see jelly shoes and Barbie bags on TikTok. But you’ll also likely encounter hacks to shrink your Uggs.

There are plenty of disposable and cheap wares available on TikTok, from influencers posting #Sheinhaul clips (which has amassed more than 5,000,000 views) to content creators showing how much you can purchase for a given amount from the retailer or its legion of rivals.

Now, the battle for fast fashion is taking a darker turn as Shein, a Chinese website, was recently valued at $100 Billion. Shein faces accusations of copying Zara’s designs.

The hashtags #zaradupe and #zaravsshein have been viewed 38.3m and 39.5m times, respectively, on the app. This allows users to model nearly identical pieces from both stores, and an Instagram account called @Zaravsshein was also created. These pieces include pink sateen slip dresses and cropped abstract shirts, as well as cobalt blue slingback shoes.

This isn’t Shein’s first controversy. After the brand was subject to legal action by Levi Strauss and Dr Martens (which is still ongoing), #sheinstolemydesign received more than 6.4million views on TikTok. Diet Prada, an Instagram fashion watchdog, also highlighted claims by Bailey Prado that Shein had ripped off more than 40 designs. Zara was also accused of copyright infringement by independent designers, including Brother Vellies.

There’s something darker than the possibility of Shein copying its main fast fashion rival. It also signifies how fast fashion retailers can’t be trusted against the fierceness of the ultra-fast fashion juggernaut. Perhaps its ability to overtake Zara, the leading purveyor of fast fashion in the west and its popularity among Gen Z customers, is what makes it so formidable.

Shein was founded in Nanjing, China in 2008. It ships to 220 countries. The US is Shein’s largest market. According to the CEO, the retailer surpasses Amazon to become the most downloaded app for shopping in the US. It adds 700 to 1000 new products daily to the site. More than 7,000 people are employed by the business.

Zara has not yet commented on the plagiarism allegations that flood TikTok. However, some observers would argue it has very little to stand on considering its track record of imitating designs. Dr Martens won a legal fight against Zara’s parent company Inditex after being accused of copyright infringement in 2021.

The Instagram account @zaravsshein has the following biography: “Find Zara clothing at Shein for twice the price !!!! Every day, new clothes!”

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