man in white hoodie standing on sidewalk during daytime

Mango, COS, Kitri and 7 other brands like ZARA

man in white hoodie standing on sidewalk during daytime

Zara is a fashion label that produces great trends-led pieces, even though it’s not a designer brand. Zara is a huge brand that can turn around the most popular fashion trends 2022 almost as fast as they come off the runway. Zara’s most popular items are quickly sought-after and coveted. It does however mean that you are constantly at risk for outfit clashes with your friends and colleagues as popular items may pop up all over.

Zara is a brand that can interpret trends and make great pieces. However, there are many brands like Zara that offer great styles that will enhance your wardrobe and ensure that you don’t look the same as anyone else. These brands have everything we need right now, from exceptional sweaters to well-tailored jackets and brightly colored midi dresses.



Scandinavia’s answer for Zara – & Other Stories is full of chic pieces that place them on the top of the list for Scandinavia’s best clothing brands. You’ll find everything you need, from chic frocks to sophisticated basics, with inspiration from Paris, Los Angeles, and Stockholm. The brand’s accessories are also worth a look. From delicate jewelry to simple shoes, they can add the finishing touch to any look.

2. H&M

H&M offers stylish pieces at a lower price than brands like Zara. The fashion department has seen a significant improvement in the last few seasons, with new iterations that look as if they just walked off the runway. We also believe that H&M jeans are among the most desirable in the business. H&M has the perfect t-shirt for you, or a midi dress to match your style. The homeware section is also amazing.


Zara’s greatest rival is Mango, a Spanish clothing brand. You can always count on Mango if you need to find the best handbag trends in 2022 or what to wear to a wedding. There’s something for everyone, with a wide range of printed frocks and feminine tailoring, as well as designer-worthy shoes, bags and bags. It is also a top-rated brand for plus size clothing, offering timeless classics and trend-setting looks.

4. COS

Cos has the same polish as Zara but is more modern. We love Cos for creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe. They have a wide range of pieces that will work well in your wardrobe and last for many years. You’ll find pops of color and occasional abstract prints in the brand’s muted colors.


Zara’s sister brand Stradivarius, which is younger and more fashionable than Zara, has a slightly lower price tag. It’s definitely worth keeping on your radar. There are still many options available for Gen-Z, including everyday jeans, cute dresses, and accessories inspired by the ’90s. All of these items have that Zara laidback aesthetic. It’s also full of color, making it a great stop for anyone looking to update their basics with a pop of hot pink.


Everlane has an already large fan base to rival Zara’s, but now is your chance to visit the store. American clothing brand Everlane excels in wardrobe essentials with a strong emphasis on sustainability and longevity. If you are looking for high-quality basics that will last, you’re in good company. Everlane’s fashionable pieces are great for any occasion, from workwear to casual wear to vacation-ready outfits.


The London-based label Kitri is becoming increasingly popular with the style-set. They have beautiful midi dresses, lovely blouses, and sumptuous knitwear that can elevate any classic piece. Kitri, which works on a pre-order basis to avoid waste, is one of the most sustainable clothing brands. It combines style and ethics with ease.

It’s not just about the production. The ecological cost of fashion is largely determined by how much we consume. Therefore, the versatility of the pieces is crucial to the Kitri message. The items can be used in many settings, answering the age-old question of “what to wear for a job interview” and “what to wear at a christening”.


Never Fully Dressed is another independent label with serious style. They have a variety of separates and dresses that will suit all tastes thanks to their use of great colors and prints. This brand is great for making a statement and will make you stand out. It also has a wide selection of plus-size pieces.


There weren’t many fashion events that took place during the pandemic. Let’s face the fact, we were mostly wearing our best joggers and were pretty much stuck in a rut. But Omnes was a good fashion start. It was a small, up-and-coming brand that quickly made an impact on the fashion world. The brand became a favourite among celebrities, influencers, and the general public. Omnes is a brand that puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability. It uses sustainable and recycled materials to make pieces that are both trend-driven and can withstand the test of time.


Nobody’s Child is not the only brand making sustainability fashionable. It promises to use ethical fabrics and produce the most beautiful fashion pieces at an affordable price.

The brand began by making beautiful printed tea dresses. However, the brand has expanded to include activewear, separates and kidswear. Its meteoric rise in fashion is thanks to stockists like Marks and Spencer.

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