woman in black knit cap and black jacket standing on snow covered ground during daytime

You Need These Winter Accessories Right Now

woman in black knit cap and black jacket standing on snow covered ground during daytime

November is the perfect time to share our favourite holiday and winter accessories. As the temperatures drop, we begin to pull out furry jackets and fingerless gloves. We pull out seasonal jewelry and pay more attention to the boots.

  • Winter Boots

Boots are our favorite winter accessory. Boots are versatile and can make a statement. You can wear a boot with casual, formal, flirty, or work outfits. We prefer to pair our boots with outfits that compliment them and not overshadow them.

Black leather boots, or faux leather boots, can be worn with any style. For certain occasions, we prefer to wear different sizes of heels. A sweater dress that huggs curves is our go-to outfit with black ankle booties.

We prefer monochromatic colors when pairing boots with pants, jeans, or skirts. Solid colors are our preference for dresses.

Pro tip: High heel boots can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if you are on your feet all day. Fuzzy socks are a great option to keep your feet comfortable.

  • Festive earrings

We love to accessorize with the earrings during holidays. If you have many piercings, it allows you to try new things. We love glittering, sparkling, and crystal-like stones. For a flirty look, hoop earrings are the perfect choice.

Miniature Christmas wreaths of 1-inch are our favorite festive hoops. We love to decorate them with tiny ornaments. The hoops are adorned with chains and stud earrings. We also like to mix and match silver and gold jewelry as long as they have the exact same finish.

  • Pashminas & Snoods

Pashminas, snoods and scarfs will shine as cold weather approaches. Because they are available in many styles, they can be paired with almost any outfit. Our  cashmere pashmina is paired with long-sleeve tee shirts and worn jeans. There are many options for snoods: knit, fleece and cotton.

You can use snoods to cover your face. With everyone wearing masks this year, we believe they will be very popular. Our snoods are paired with low-cut shirts, v-neck sweatshirts, and knits.

A beanie with embroidery detail is our favorite, but we don’t like hat hair. Earmuffs are great for keeping warm and looking stylish. Earmuffs can be worn with many hairstyles such as ponytails and buns.

  • Earmuffs

Earmuffs can come in many styles, including oversized fluffy ones with built-in headphones or earmuffs that have cat ears. We prefer to wear oversized pink fluffy Earmuffs. They look great with dark chocolate browns, black, and neutral tones.

  • Gloves of Great Quality

Gloves are back in fashion after Covid-19. There are so many options. There are fingerless gloves and knit, leather, and even mittens. We prefer a combination of fingerless gloves and a mitten that you can pull over your fingers. You can still use your phone, but it also offers full coverage. To add color to your outfit, use gloves.

These can add a little sparkle to an outfit. You can use leather gloves with or without fingers for both the outside and the cold. They look great with long wool coats and cashmere pullovers.

  • Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are our favorite accessory. They’re so appropriate for anyone who stays at home. They come in a variety of lengths, colors, patterns, and styles. These socks are perfect for when the floor is so cold. We love wearing knee-high rainbow socks over leggings. Any fuzzy socks can be worn outside. Crew socks look great with black leggings and simple sweaters. You can play with different styles and colors by wearing fuzzy socks.

Winter accessories are fun! Holidays are a great time to experiment with new styles and trends. Take a look at your closet and see if you can style some of your winter favorites in a different way.

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