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What to Wear for Every Summer Date

person pouring yellow liquid on clear drinking glass

Date nights are always more stressful than regular days, regardless of whether it’s your first date or 100th. Nerves, excitement, and a bit of overthinking are all part of a date night. You’ll likely experience every emotion possible before you leave the house. That means your outfit should not be a concern.

Date-night outfits should reflect the special occasion. You want to feel and look your best. That means you shouldn’t be wearing a baggy top or worrying about other people. You have to think about the summer heat and inevitably sweat that you are experiencing.

We have the perfect outfit for you, whether you are going to dinner on the patio with a glass or five of wine, or to picnic with your loved one.

To a rooftop bar

A rooftop bar on a summer’s day is a great way to enjoy the sun. A midi dress is as elegant and easy-to-wear as anything. In a fun summery color with dressed-up accessories you will feel like a 10 year old, no matter what the occasion.

A baseball game

You can enjoy a a hotdog and a foot-tall margarita, regardless of whether you are there to watch the game.


Although a picnic date sounds like the perfect romantic date, when you actually go on one, it raises a question: What do you wear to a picnic date where you are sitting on the ground? Linen pants are the answer. It will be so comfortable that you can sit down, and your dress won’t blow up or flashes anything you don’t want them to see. You’ll feel perfectly dressed if you make it monochrome with a top in the same hue.

To a patio dinner

We love wearing dresses in summertime. Especially for nice dinners out. Black is a great choice, especially if you pair it with sandals and other summery accessories. This will be the perfect combination of being appropriate for the season and elegant enough to make that reservation you have been waiting for months.

Outdoor concert

Outdoor concert looks should be fun. What’s more fun than a pair patterned pants? Let me rest my case. You can dance all night in sneakers and a tank top. You’ll look great and be the most stylish person in town with a statement bag.

Take a stroll to get ice cream

A breezy romper or flat, walking sandals will work well for a casual stroll to get ice cream at your local place (preferably two scoops mint chip). A lip color that is hydrating, will not budge all night and adds an extra touch of summery color to the look can be added.

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