silver and black folding knife

You can customize your Deejo pocket knife with any designs you wish

silver and black folding knife

Deejo, a French cutlery company, makes ultra-lightweight knives. You can personalize your knife on their website. There are many options to choose from and details you can add to make it truly yours. The company’s mission is to transform the everyday pocket knife into an accessory and unique heirloom. This belief is supported by the belief of a lighter knife that you use more often and offers greater utility than one that sits in a drawer.

The brand has over 6,000 outlets worldwide and a strong online presence after seven years of innovation. In 2022, they will launch even more original tattoo designs.

MyDeejo makes it easy to customize your knife. A responsive interface allows you to see all the options and can be customized with ease. So that you can visualize what your final design will look like, it is best to start with the knife’s overall size. There are three choices: A 7 cm model that is 15 grams long, a 9cm model that is 27 grams long and a large 11cm model that is 37 grams long. These models can be used for different purposes, including as a letter opener or backup knife.

You have many options when it comes to the size and finish of your knife. For the tough, corrosion-resistant 420 stainless Steel blade, you can choose from a classic Mirror, subdued Grey Titanium, or stealthy Black Titanium. You have more than 50 design options that can be etched onto the blade to give your knife an individual look. These include 12 new knife tattoos, which include artwork related to Goal and Moon Phase, Samurai Skulls, Samurai T-Rex, Sailing Viking Vegvisirs, Whale, Butterfly, Chinese Dragon and Immortal.

The handle can also be engraved with your initials or the name and address of the gift recipient. The knife can be personalized with a unique phrase or quote, or even your initials. You can view all your options on a 3D rendering that you can scale and rotate. This allows you to review your selections before you place your order. Your design can be shared on social media so that your friends can see it.

The perfect handle for your custom-made blade is also available in new options. For 2022, there are new options for Blue Beech Wood or Camo. There are also popular options such as carbon fiber weave and animalistic scales. Deejo usually takes two business days to create your custom design and send it once you have placed an order. You can also view Deejo’s premade combinations, which are available for purchase and shipment.

It’s easier than ever to get a sleek, elegant gentleman’s knife made right. You now have more choices than ever with new handle and knife tattoo options.

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