pink roses in clear glass vase

Yes, a glass handbag is 100% worth the risk

pink roses in clear glass vase

Let me begin by saying that we are aware of your concern about the glass handbags. Fashion fans have been wondering whether the fragile tote is worth the risk since stars like Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat have worn it on casual outings as well as red carpet events. Is it possible to drop or run into something? Is it possible for it to shatter into millions of pieces?

It’s still fragile so don’t rush to break it. Glass purses are made from blown glass which is a stronger form of silica. If you don’t plan on carrying your bag around, or engaging in strenuous activities with it, then you are probably fine.

For a casual weekend brunch or picnic with family and friends, you can pair it with a classic napdress. You can also add it to any cool going-out outfit. Kim Kardashian wore it with her Coachella ensemble. It can shine in the sun and be a striking statement piece, if taken care of properly.

Etsy Acrylic Glass Bag Vase

Are you worried about the cost of the Coperni handbag? Etsy’s acrylic version will reassure you. This is a popular choice for those who love the artistic look but want a cheaper version. Coperni’s glass Swipe Bags start at $2700. Doja Cat wore the chrome version to the 2022 Grammy Awards for $2,950. This delicate piece boasts more than 23,000 sales and has the same elegant silhouette as the Parisian brand original. The creator suggests that you use the modern piece to decorate your garden or home, but it can also be used as a statement accessory. It can be used as a vase, fishbowl or bag for an elegant occasion. And the price is just around $60.

Sage and Sill’s Tote Bag & Basket Glass Vase

This tote bag matches Cinderella’s glass slippers perfectly. Sage & Sill has a wide range of glass handbags available, including a shorter wavy style and a tall, minimalistic basket style. But this design deserves its own spot. With its imposing, rigid appearance and slender silhouette, it instantly grabs attention.

Imagine returning from the farmer’s markets with your bouquet in a container. This is an Instagram-worthy shot. This is the perfect solution if you are looking to replace your old PVC bag. It won’t get ruined by a loose eyeliner or tears. It will only require a little more care when you carry it around.

L’AFSHAR Eva Crushed Ice Glass Handbag Green

This tiny, clear acrylic handbag looks like crushed glass. This bag is durable and can be used for days when you don’t have the time to care for a glass piece. You still love the transparent look and feel of a glass purse. This seafoam color is great for beach weddings and tropical vacations. This accessory will shine with the glistening water or sparkling sun. The accessory also includes a luxurious gold chain. It can be held by the top handle, allowing the chain to dangle on its own or as a shoulder bag. It also features a magnetic closure with 24k Electro-Plated Hardware, so that your lipstick or wallet will not slip out.

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Murano glass Purse

Do you love color? Perhaps red is your favorite color. This vibrant mid-century vintage purse is for you. The cherry red color is opaque, so it hides any items other than the outline. This is a striking piece of colorful art that will attract attention when placed on a table at a cafe, or with an all white ‘fit.

Haetingcare Hand-Blown Glass Vase

It’s short and sweet. The glass handbag from Haetingcare is smaller than Sage & Sill’s bag, but retains the handblown quality. Because each piece is unique, the purse has little air bubbles that make it stand out. The bag is made from recycled green glass so it has a subtle hue. It reminded me of old-fashioned Coke bottles’ light green sheen.

Dolce Mela Decorative Ceramic &Glass Purse

This chic, affordable black handbag will make you stand out at your next GNO. This sleek and polished glass purse has a silver metallic finish. This show-stopper would look great with a timeless LBD. The other bags were notable for their translucent appearances, but this bag has a more sophisticated brick design.

Maison Numen’s Small Purse Glass Vase

This small, playful handbag comes straight from Industria Vetraria Valdarnese’s Tuscan factory. You can fashionably put it in a grocery bag to carry your shopping essentials, such as a cardholder or keys.

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