silhouette of trees near body of water under sky with stars

Wine, Waterfalls and Wooded Hillsides: A Guide for the Finger Lakes

silhouette of trees near body of water under sky with stars

Millions of years ago, during Pleistocene’s Ice Age, a series deep, plunging valleys created by glaciers started forming, and became what we now call New York’s Finger Lakes. The eleven lakes are surrounded by lush greenery. Visitors to the area will be rewarded with world-class wines and breathtaking waterfalls. There is also plenty of time to relax.

Though destinations like the Catskills and Hamptons tend to beckon the majority of summer crowds on the East Coast, a visit to the Finger Lakes offers a less-frequented respite that’s equally appealing. The majority of accommodation, wine tasting and dining options are located within close proximity to the three main lakes in the region, Cayuga, Seneca and Keuka. It is best to visit by car. Here’s a guide for enjoying this hidden gem.

Historic Accommodations

Five out of the five properties are scattered along the storybook main street that covers less than one mile. Each property is unique, e.g. Morgan a lakeside yard with a firepit and free rental of kayaks and bikes. A luxury resort has just opened on 350 acres of rolling farmland. It features an Ayurveda-inspired treatment program and six outdoor and indoor hydrotherapy pools. The region also offers a glimpse into the past through the.

Wine Tasting with a View

The combination of steep slopes and deep lakes makes it possible to preserve summer’s heat and create a more favorable environment for grapes to thrive. You’ll find Cabernet Franc and Riesling, but you can also find other varieties like Gewurztraminer. You can enjoy a flight of their top-quality pours for just $10, while you relax on the Adirondacks on the back patio with views over the vines.

The Great Outdoors

The region offers many activities, including kayaking, hiking and bird watching. This is the most visited destination due to its stunning path that takes visitors past 19 waterfalls and 200-foot cliffs overlooking an area of gorge. Five trails are also worth exploring, which take you down 600 feet through a canyon. Last but not least, you can see a 215-foot plunge waterfall in person at.

Fresh, Hearty Cuisine

Christopher Bates, a master sommelier and chef, has a small restaurant that seats 14 people. After a day of exploring Watkins Glen’s stunning waterfalls, stop by the after-hours bar for some Riesling and nibbles. This is a wonderful option for a peaceful outdoor meal. If you’re in town on Saturday and Sunday, you will not want to miss the artisanal experience.

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