hair body bar boxes

Why should we all choose shampoo bars instead of usual shampoos?

hair body bar boxes

You can reduce plastic waste by using the best shampoo bars and make your beauty routine more environmentally-friendly. There are so many options and so many hair types to choose from, how do you decide which one?

Climate change is a major problem. We also know that pollution is a threat to the environment. It’s a good idea to switch to an eco-friendly beauty routine that includes a plastic-free shampoo and conditioner. They are not inferior to other shampoos and conditioners, but you might be wrong. Brianne West, founder and CEO at Ethique, says that “Formulations has come on leaps. Shampoo bars are just shampoo, without any excess water. There’s an option to suit all hair types.”

You probably haven’t needed much convincing to switch to a shampoo bar since you landed here. However, you are more interested in finding the right one for you. We’ve tested all the shampoo bars to find the best. Let’s get started on finding the best one for you.


Reduce plastic pollution

“The infrastructure is simply not able to handle the amount of plastic waste that is produced,” West says. Alternatives to plastic are only one aspect of clean beauty. Cutting down on your personal plastic usage is a great place start. This will result in a decrease in demand over time.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Shampoo bars are much more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic bottles. West explains that shampoo bars are more eco-friendly because they are small and compact. This has many benefits for transportation. The carbon footprint per wash is lower than that of a liquid.

You get more for your money

The best shampoo bars are generally cheaper. West says that a shampoo bar has the same concentration as three 350ml liquid shampoo bottles and can last for over 80 washes. This is basically how you save the environment and your pennies.

There are options for all hair types

Shampoo bar formulas have changed a lot over the years, just like the best scalp treatments. There’s a shampoo bar for every hair type.

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