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Why red is the next huge hair color trend

Celebrities have always had to undergo a dramatic hair transformation. It has been a common occurrence for celebrities over the years. This year, however, we have seen a subtle shift away from the bob. There’s a subtle trend to go red, not only have some fashion designers decided to ditch their highlights and embrace their natural tones. Kendall Jenner did it. Sydney Sweeney, perhaps less dramatically, went strawberry blonde.

Red hair used to be difficult to achieve. This was why you could only consider it as an option for those who wanted to make red their signature color. Those days are gone. The new red hair style is all about the tone and the maintenance. Angela Hazelton, a colorist and hair color corrector at Marie Robinson in NYC, spoke to us about this new trend. She explained how to achieve it, how to maintain it, and why red hair should be your next beauty experiment.

Red hair is a popular trend. What makes today’s red tones and hues different from what we’ve seen in the past?

Red hair used to be viewed as unnatural in the past. It was often associated with orange, eggplant, and fire engine red. The possibilities are endless with reds and strawberry blondes as well as warm brunettes. There is a shade for everyone, I believe.

Reds and strawberries shine brighter than ash-toned hair and reflect light more. They can also be used to enhance golden undertones. My tried-and-true blonde clients who don’t want red hair fully committed, I recommend strawberry or apricot glosses. These glosses are a great way to change up your hair color without having to commit. Similar to my brunette clients, I also gloss the hair to highlight the red tones. These glosses are semi permanent and slowly wash out so you can experiment with new shades without having to change the hair’s color.

This is a new way to change up your look, rather than going blonder or brunette. This is why do you think this is happening?

People want to make a major change. People want bold, feminine, attention-grabbing and sexy designs. We’re ready for glamour and some edginess to return to our lives after spending the last two years in sweats and not having their hair combed.

What is the best way to maintain red hair? From the most intense and pigmented reds to the softest strawberries.

Red hair is more susceptible to oxidization than brunette or blonde hair colors. Red hair is more susceptible to oxidization and loss of luster than other hair colors. Red hair is constantly trying to regain its vibrancy and sheen. Glossing your hair between appointments is the best way to keep red hair color. A gloss (or toner), can restore red hair color and make it shine if you have the time.

The color may begin to fade between 4 to 6 weeks depending on how often your hair is washed and how much sun you are exposed to. This usually means that it’s time for a gloss. If you are unable to make it to the salon between appointments, I suggest purchasing a tinted shampoo and conditioner. The color tinted shampoos or conditioners work in the same way as a gloss to add and remove color. However, I don’t recommend using them every time you wash your hair. This can cause too much color buildup.

Are there any no-no’s when it comes to dying your hair?

Before you make any major color changes, it is a good idea to have a consultation with your colorist. To achieve the desired hair color, it is better to know what the maintenance will be like and how that affects your hair.

What will the trends cycle look like for red? Is it possible to see red blending in with warmer brunettes and subtle dimension?

In the fall and winter, red hair is easier to keep in place. Red hair will last longer if it is exposed to less sun.

Some clients may consider darkening their hair before committing to a full brunette. We all enjoy seasonal change and I see lots of glossy, warm brunettes in the future.

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