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Why is BeReal the social media app we’ve all been waiting for?

Your kids may already be using it. BeReal, a French social media app, is currently taking over the world. It has been downloaded by more than 6 million users in the past two years. With an astonishing 315 percent annual growth rate, it is now being called “Gen Z’s favorite app.” But before you get mad at the thought of learning how to use the latest photo-sharing platform, it’s worth taking a look at what BeReal actually does.

According to its website, BeReal’s goal is to provide a “new and unrivalled way to find out who your friends are in real life.” The app’s purpose is to make it easier for people to connect online. This is especially important for those who have grown tired of being told what to do and how to behave. It feels almost like this app is launching at the right time, as other social media platforms are being accused in a mental health crisis for teenagers.

Perhaps the best surprise is that the app seems to be a huge hit with those who really need it.

What makes BeReal different from any other social media app?

BeReal engages its users in a completely different way than other social media platforms. BeReal is a different social media platform than Facebook and Instagram. It limits how much time and content you can consume per day and only allows you to engage with it for one moment every day.

Here’s how it works. At random times during the day, BeReal will prompt you to take a photo of what you are doing. BeReal will take a photo of you and your response must be within two minutes. The prompt is sent to all your friends. You can send the two photos to your group of friends and get a quick glimpse at what is happening in their lives.

This is all about honesty. This is not a photo shoot. If you are out walking your dog, you might get a photo of your friend working at their desk.

You can send another photo if you don’t like the one you took or miss the deadline. But here’s the catch: All your friends will be notified that you sent the second picture. BeReal encourages everyone to be spontaneous and authentic, and unlike Instagram and TikTok it has a user interface that rewards people for doing just that.

What is BeReal without glam filters and fun?

Meredith Mueller, a college student, shared her love for BeReal with us. She said, “It’s so much fun to, like go take a rest throughout my day, and just go there and just see exactly what people do in the moment, throughout their day, and where they are at.”

BeReal is different from other platforms like Instagram or TikTok because of the way they share content. It’s also how followers aren’t highlighted.

Mueller has 50 followers on BeReal, according to NPR. All of them are close friends. This is a huge difference from her Instagram followers of around 2,000. Mueller says she doesn’t feel pressure to look good. However, her experience with the new app is quite different.

She said that it’s “more like a down to earth app.” It’s “like a judgement-free zone,” she said.

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