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Who is Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan?

woman in black shirt wearing black hat

A new girl is in town! Emma Hernan will be bringing her A game in her Selling Sunset debut. However, her past with Christine Quinn could lead to some drama.

Emma, who is 29 years old, has been part the Oppenheim Group family for the past two seasons. Season 4 of Netflix’s series will mark her first time together with her coworkers. However, her ongoing feuding with Christine seems to be a bigger story than the major Los Angeles listings.

Emma stated that she was here to “work” and that “all the drama from high school that I have dealt with over the years will be able to stay out of my mind.” The trailer for the new season dropped Wednesday, November 10.

Christine, 33, claims that the drama between the women stems from Emma’s engagement to her ex-boyfriend two months after they broke up. Heather Rae Young also noted in the teaser, that Christine finds it a sensitive topic. The man who brought them together was not named by either woman.

Christine has been married to Christian Richard since May and they welcomed their first child together. However, tensions between Emma and Christine remain.

Emma actually teased Christine about her issues during an October interview with Nylon. After being asked if Christine is “fabulous” and “wild” off-screen, she said that she would not make any comment. “I’ll give that one a no comment.”

L.A. resident shared her experience of transitioning from behind-the scenes member to a series participant.

Emma explained that she was hesitant “when I signed up to the show. However, I wasn’t unsure what I was getting into. I feel very comfortable around the cameras. I’m 100% myself, on and off camera. It’s important to be authentic to who you really are.”

Christine and her appearance on the series could cause more problems. She said that season 4 would be the most exciting season yet and she is not exaggerating.

Chrishell Stause, Costar’s friend, exclusively revealed that Emma Villela and Vanessa Villela would definitely shake up the situation in June.

“They are at different stages of their real estate careers which obviously stirs up a bit. They are, however, really wonderful,” she, a former soap star of 40 years, stated at the time. “It’s hard to predict what people will react, but it’s been a pleasure working with them. Selling Sunset is not the same for everyone. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to have a show. They are great.”

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  • She is originally from Massachusetts

The agent grew up in Scituate Massachusetts, close to Boston. Since then, she has moved to Los Angeles.

  • She owns her own food brand

Emma followed the footsteps of her family when she founded Emma Leigh &Co. It was founded in March 2020. Emma decided to start her own business and make her own recipes after her grandfather Gerry McAdams started Yankee Trader Seafood back in 1994. She partnered with Beyond Meat in November 2020 and launched mini beef empanadas made from plant-based ingredients.

  •  She is a Model

She started modeling at the age of 12. When she was 12, her career began to take off when she booked Paris runway shows gigs. She continued modeling throughout her adulthood.

  • She is a dog lover

Emma has been a dog mom for Benny since 2017.

  • She calls herself an “Angel Investor”

While babysitting, a Massachusetts native discovered a passion for stocks. She told that she took “all of my modeling money and all my babysitting money at a young age. I worked in every store, I loved to work — and then I started investing in stock market and healthcare. I learned everything I needed to know about investing by myself. I then moved to Los Angeles and began angel investing in various startups. I was able to start in the stock market, then crypto and now real-estate. I feel that I have a unique story.”

  • She is a successful swimmer

Emma began swimming at six years thanks to her mother’s love for the sport. Emma was inspired to be a better swimmer by her mother, who had the best backstroke times in their community.

She said, “I ended up getting time that qualified for Olympics,” during an appearance on Life Stories With Joanna Garzilli in March 2020. “I knew I was talented. I took after her. She was encouraging but not too much that it made me want to do it. That’s what helped me get my qualification.”

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