woman in brown coat holding brown leather handbag

Which Burberry trench coat should you buy? And why they are so worth it

woman in brown coat holding brown leather handbag

The Burberry trench coat is one of the most famous pieces of outerwear. It is synonymous with elegance and simplicity, so simply slip it on over any outfit to elevate you to the world of the seriously stylish.

It’s not enough just to think about the best jeans or t-shirts when building your capsule wardrobe. While you may not consider outerwear a part of your main wardrobe but having the right selection of coats will make you stylish no matter the weather. As we move into Fall, a trench coat is a great item to purchase. This lightweight outerwear piece is a wardrobe staple and can be worn for any occasion. However, unlike rubberized jackets that you might use for a country walk or for work, trench coats are elegantly tailored and well-crafted for elegance in all weather conditions.

The trench coat was first created in the early 20th-century and patented by Thomas Burberry 1912. It is made from weatherproof gaberdine and durable. This trench coat was worn first by soldiers in Normandy trenches, hence the name. The iconic trench coat silhouette has been a staple style for both men and women since then. Despite the fact that many brands offer variations of this timeless style, Burberry’s trench coat is the best.


Most people gravitate towards designer bags when it comes to investing. However, a Burberry trench coat can last a lifetime and while it might not be as valuable as Chanel bags. As with all well-made items, take care of it. It will eventually return the favor.

Expert tailors in England created the Burberry trench coat. It is timeless and can be worn year after season. Each specialist takes one year to master the stitches of the collar of the Burberry trench coat. It is hand-stitched using more than 180 stitches. These credentials are not cheap. A Burberry trench coat can be purchased starting at $2,000. A Burberry trench coat looks great with all kinds of clothes, including your favorite jeans and on-trend Chelsea boots.

Multiple iterations of the original have been created, each with unique features and details for different tastes. There is therefore a style to suit every body type. A Burberry trench coat, whether it’s in black, navy, or classic camel, will last the longest. Remember to dry-clean your coat before the winter season begins and then put it away so it is ready for next season.

This guide will help you decide the right Burberry trench coat for your body.



The length of the garment is the most important thing to think about when making a purchase. It is important to choose the right hemline for your trench. To play up their tall frame, those with a longer hemline should choose a longer-lined coat. Longer-line coats will not overwhelm someone with a longer frame. However, they will draw the eye up and down the body. You will look slimmer and more polished by this style.

A Note about Print and Pattern

Taller people can wear louder patterns and prints when choosing between a plain or printed coat. Burberry’s classic plaid, also known as the Haymarket Check (or Burberry Plaid), was introduced in 1920s. It is now as iconic as the Burberry trench coat. Although the Burberry plaid is primarily used as a lining print in the coat, Burberry has experimented with printing and moved it to the exterior of the coat, giving it a more fashionable look. It is very flattering and versatile, with its square shape and fine-lined print. The bolder patterns and louder versions of the print that have been popular in recent seasons look best on taller frames.

  • Burberry Kensington Trench Coat

It is made in the brand’s signature cotton gabardine. This classic fit has a longer finish. The Burberry heritage check is visible under the collar. You will also notice the signature details such as epaulettes and gun flaps, hook-and eye collar closures, gun flaps, belted belts, storm shield, and D-ring belts.

  • Burberry Long Waterloo Trench Coat

This style is perfect for layering. It features a relaxed, longline silhouette and raglan sleeves. Burberry’s trademark check lining is featured. It features a hook-and-eye collar closure and gun flap. The storm shield is completed with belted sleeves, belted belts, D-ring belt, and belted cuffs.

  • Burberry Long Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat

For tall and slim people, this is a slim-fit trench coat that has narrow shoulders and a nipped-in waist. This timeless-inspired style is a classic. It also features the timeless check print underneath the collar. The softly flared skirt of this coat can be accentuated by a belt.

  • Burberry Monogram Trench Coat

This cotton Gabardine fabric celebrates Thomas Burberry’s heritage check. It is also crease-resistant, so you can always look great. The bold print has been subtley injected into the lining to give it a directional look.

  • Burberry Tropical Waterloo Trench Coat

For Fall 2022 fashion trends, neutral hues will be back in big. This dark olive green will look great in a winter outfit. The iconic Burberry check, a timeless colorway, is used as part of the lining, under the color, and with the leather buckles for an elegant, discreet look.

  • Burberry Tropical Gabardine Trench Coat

This Burberry trench coat has a relaxed fit and features logo engraved press studded and brand’s vintage-check lining. This 100% cotton body will allow for great breathability. It is ideal for fall weather where it can both be warm and cold.


The best coat trends for 2022 are very similar. If you have ever wondered if a Burberry trench can be worn by petite people, you will be delighted to find out that it can. But there are some things you should consider.

A shorter length coat is best for petite people. It will fit your body best and won’t overwhelm you. Burberry is a designer brand that produces unique and detailed products. They have trench coats in both regular and short lengths. Burberry’s short coats measure 90 cms and reach around the mid-thigh. This is a great length to wear for petite people as it balances your proportions. They also offer a 100cm version for those who want something that falls below the knee.

Note about Print and Pattern…

The classic Burberry Haymarket check in small print is flattering for everyone, but if you are worried about looking too busy, go for a solid color or invest in a plain design. Turn up the sleeves a bit to show a little of the check. This chic and subtle way to showcase your Burberry purchase is elegant and subtle.

  • Burberry Short Islington Trench Coat

It features a narrow silhouette and the brand’s signature cotton Gabardine.

  • Burberry Detachable Hood Trench Coat

The Burberry Kensington fit is a classic silhouette. This Taffeta coat features a removable hood.

  • Burberry Check Trim Waterloo Trench Coat

The coat is made from bespoke cotton gabardine and has a printed collar. It’s crease-resistant and breathable. Lined with the brand’s archival, vintage check.

  • Burberry Check Gabardine Trench Coat

The shorter trench coat is flattering on the figure and offers maximum style. The illusion panel that runs down the middle of the coat is created by the checked revere collar. It elongates your frame.

  • Burberry Check-Panel Trench Coat

Do not let the print overwhelm you. For added detail and interest, choose a block color that has a little bit of print. This coat has a vintage print that peeks through.

  • Burberry Check Panel Trench Coat

The belt can be used to nip your waist. Contrast check paneling in the middle of the coat will draw the eye upward and downward, elongating your frame.


The Burberry trench coat’s ability to flatter any silhouette is perhaps the reason it is so popular. The Burberry trench coat is versatile enough to work with apple bodies, curves, and larger busts. There are even several styling options, so you can create the look you desire.

You want to showcase your curves? You can show off your curves by wearing a trench coat’s self-fabric belt. This will highlight your curves and create an hourglass figure. You can also opt for more tailored styles that are a little closer to the waist.

You want to look taller and more sleek. A style that falls below the shoulders and skims your body is the best. To create a central panel, wear your coat open over a sweater or one of your favorite shirts. You can draw the eye upwards and downwards, increasing your height, without heels.

Trench coats are a very androgynous style. They often have double-breasted buttons. On curvy bodies, this can make the trench coat bulky and unflattering. Instead, opt for a classic single-breasted style.

  • Burberry Detachable Hood Kensington Trench Coat

This clever Burberry trench coat with a belt will draw attention to your waist. The warm caramel color is universally flattering. The removable hood makes it easy to mix smart outerwear and practicality.

  • Burberry The Pimlico Honey Classic Car Coat

This trench is lightweight and softly tailored. It slips over most layers easily. Classic Burberry hook and eye collar, button-tab sleeves, and check undercollar.

  • Burberry Chevron Check Wool Waterloo Trench Coat

This wool jacquard trench jacket with chevron print is a statement piece of outerwear. The central panel design draws the eye towards the middle and narrows your figure.


Rectangular shapes are largely model-esque and will fit most frames. Rectangles can be worn in both fitted and loose styles, even though they aren’t always tall.

A trench coat that falls to the shoulders is a great option for tall women looking to increase their volume. The stylish, nonchalant androgynous look of oversized silhouettes is a sure way to make you stand out. To add more interest, look out for large epaulettes or drop shoulders. Burberry’s classic trench coat with double breasted is a great way to add structure and shape. Double horn button detailing down the front adds shape and flattery.

  • Burberry Kensington Mid Length Trench Coat

This modern take on the classic-fit trench features an archive-inspired style with a slimmer silhouette. For a vintage heritage look, add the collar to the brand’s cotton gabardine.

  • Burberry Silk Kensington Soft Fawn Trench Coat

This classic Kensington coat is reimagined in Italian woven silk. The longer lines are ideal for those with rectangular bodies. If you wish to add curves, the belt can be used to help.

  • Burberry Funnel Neck Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat

The funnel neck of this coat is soft in fawn and provides additional protection against the elements. It also serves as a proportion extender. The self fabric belt, which has a unique zip closure, will define your silhouette.

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