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Which Cosmetics Should You Use When Going Clean?

2020 was the year of clean beauty, and we can all agree that it will only get better in 2021 with brands such as Saie. The question we keep coming across is: What products are most important when switching to clean beauty? Because we believe it’s important that we consider all the ingredients in what we put on/into our bodies, we use the word “matter” to indicate that we are referring to them. But, when it comes down to it, which products are more important?

There will likely be many different opinions, but we are sharing our perspective and the priorities we have for swapping. Please share your knowledge and insights if you have read any articles.

#1 Lipstick

Most lipsticks you use end up in your mouth. This is a shocking fact considering that traditional lipsticks contain dyes, petroleum, plasticizers and other dangerous ingredients. These things are not something we would like to eat so why would they be on our lips? This is insane when you stop and think about it. There have been many new, great lipsticks. Kosas, as well as Beautycounter, is a great choice.

#2 Body wash + lotion

These products cover your entire body and penetrate directly into your skin so it is important to clean them. Personally, we love Plant Apothecary’s body wash and Honest’s lotion. We find them more comfortable than body oil for daily wear.

#3 Mascara

Mascara is another product that can be easily absorbed into your body like the lipstick. It depends on where it is applied. Traditional mascara contains coal tar, which is a form of tar. This shocked us, and we don’t want any tar near our eyes. Saie’s mascara has been a staple in our beauty routine.

#4 Fragrance

Perfumes’ “fragrance” can have a profound effect on more than the skin you spray it on. You can have serious side effects on your nose, sinuses, and even your lungs due to the potential carcinogens or other irritants found in traditional perfumes. This was a huge disappointment for us as we have quite a few scents that we do not want to part with, but there are many great alternatives.Here are some of BIA’s favourite brands.

#5 Sunscreen

Although we are primarily focusing on makeup, we think it is worth noting that when we apply makeup, SPF is an integral part of the routine. A lot of people use sunscreen, even those who don’t have makeup. It’s definitely worth it, we think.

People are now choosing to clean up their skin with deodorant and sunscreen. However, sunscreen is known to be toxic. We have even heard that sunscreen chemicals can be found in breastmilk. This really alarms. These chemicals are called hormone disruptors. They can cause more damage than good for your skin. We would choose any of these mineral sunscreens – all approved and recommended by the EWG.

Swapping out products can be overwhelming, so it’s okay to not try to make everything work at once. Slowly make the swaps, and you’ll soon have a clean majority of your beauty products!

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