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Stranger Things Season 4’s Locations Revieled

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Stranger Things season 4 features some classic Hawkins elements, while also adding new locations to film the storylines in California and Russia. Season 4 of Stranger Things has significantly increased its scope, whereas the first three seasons were limited to the fictional Hawkins in Indiana. Stranger Things season 4 has the majority of characters being separated. However, four key locations serve as characters in their own right: Hawkins (California), Russia and the Lab.

Stranger Things season 4 adds new locations to the series’ fictional home base. The geography of Hawkins is also expanding with Forest Hills Trailer Park and Creel House playing important roles in Stranger Things’ fourth season’s Upside Down mystery. Stranger Things’ Byers family, Eleven and Mike, all in California, are in danger in the new Lenora Hills home, high school and ’80s-style rink. Season 3’s Stranger Things post-credits scene showed a glimpse into the Russian prison. Season 4 shows the harsh reality of Hopper’s captivity using the Eastern European scenery.

Stranger Things season 4 was filmed in Indiana, California and Russia. However, Netflix did not film at any of these locations. Instead, most of the Duffer brothers’ filming locations took place in Georgia, New Mexico and Lithuania. Here is a list of all the filming locations that were used and new for Stranger Things season 4.

Hawkins, Indiana – Atlanta, Georgia & Suburbs

Stranger Things season 4 features many of the familiar Hawkins locations from previous seasons. They are all filmed in or near Atlanta, Georgia. Many of Stranger Things’ famous bike riding scenes are shot in East Point. Sinclair, Henderson, and Wheeler houses were all filmed there. Jackson, Georgia is home to the fictional Hawkins’ downtown scenes. It also houses the town’s library.

Creel House – The Claremont House in Rome, Georgia

Creel House is a key location in Stranger Things season 4. It has a long and twisted history in Indiana’s fictional Hawkins. Stranger Things season 4’s Upside Down connection to the old home makes for many terrifying turns. It is named after Victor Creel, a Pennhurst Mental Hospital patient. The filming location for Stranger Things’ Creel House is the Claremont House in Rome. It was previously a bed and breakfast that had been open for 16 years. The Victorian-era home, which was built in 1882, is still in good condition today. It’s not as worn down as the Creel House in Stranger Things.

Hawkins National Lab, Briarcliff Campus, Emory University Atlanta, Georgia

Season 4 of Stranger Things sees Hawkins National Lab, a location that has been a frequent feature of the show’s series, return for some of its most shocking and disturbing revelations. Stranger Things season 4 utilizes the Briarcliff campus at Emory University as the location for Hawkins Lab. It is actually in Atlanta, Georgia, not Indiana. The true Briarcliff [A] Building has a bizarre history. It was once home to Asa Griggs Candler Jr. (co-founder of Coca-Cola), before becoming the Georgia Mental Health Institute.

Hawkins High school – Patrick Henry High school, Stockbridge, Georgia

The fourth season of Stranger Things also features the Hawkins High School site. It doubled as the middle schools. As teenagers, Mike, Lucas and Dustin all attended Hawkins High. This is because of the important activities there, such as Lucas’ basketball games or Eddie’s Hellfire Club. Stranger Things season 4 uses Hawkins High as a filming location, which was previously the Patrick Henry High School, Stockbridge, Georgia.

Forest Hills Trailer Park – Griffin, Georgia

The Forest Hills Trailer Park is another Hawkins location, which plays an important role in Stranger Things season 4. This is where Steve, Nancy and Eddie put their bikes. Filming the fictional Forest Hills took place at a Griffin, Georgia trailer park. This is the first time that the series actually shows the mobile home community. However, Forest Hills connects to an important sequence from Stranger Things season 2. Nancy and Jonathan quickly mentioned that the location was a public place where Barb’s mother could meet, which they did in order to determine if Hawkins Lab officials were following them.

Hawkins Cemetery – Stone Mountain Cemetery, Stone Mountain (Georgia)

Although the fake Will’s burial took place at a different location than Stranger Things season 4, it uses the same cemetery site that Barb used for her funeral in season 2. Stranger Things season 2 gave only a glimpse at the location. Season 4 features Hawkins Cemetery as a key part of Max and Billy’s story. Hawkins Cemetery was filmed in Stone Mountain Cemetery, Stone Mountain, Georgia. It is also near Max and Billy’s Hawkins home.

California: Where is Lenora Hills?

The Byers family moves out of Hawkins after Stranger Things season 3. Season 4 revealed their new home as Lenora Hills in California. Although it is not known exactly where the fictional Lenora Hills is located in California, it is believed to be in Southern California around Los Angeles suburbs. Filming took place in Los Lunas (New Mexico), just outside Albuquerque. Netflix bought New Mexico’s Albuquerque Studios late 2018. The California setting of Eleven and Byers’ Stranger Things season 4 storyline lends itself to the New Mexico desert scene. Los Lunas, New Mexico is where most roaming shots of Lenora Hills were filmed, along with Surfer Boy Pizza.

The interior of the new house in Lenora Hills was shot on a soundstage, while the exterior was shot near Albuquerque’s Shadow Hills neighborhood. Stranger Things season 4’s decision to relocate the Byers to a California suburb was influenced by Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Stranger Things recreates the misadventures in E.T.’s California neighborhood via the fictional Lenora Hills. The series’ parallels with the 1980s sci-fi film are even more obvious.

Lenora Hills High School – Eldorado High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stranger Things season 4’s Eleven, Will and Jonathan all attend Lenora Hill High School. Eleven has a hard time fitting in with her peers. Lenora Hills High School is located near the Byers’ new home. It was shot at Eldorado High School, Albuquerque (New Mexico). The location of Lenora Hills High School is similar to Hawkins High, which was used by the teens in Stranger Things. However, it has no significance for Eleven and Will’s adventures in season 4.

Rink-O-Mania – Roller King Albuquerque (New Mexico)

Stranger Things season 4’s most memorable scene is at the Rink O-Mania. Netflix’s crew dressed up in ’80s-style roller skating attire for it. The Rink-O-Mania real thing was shot at Albuquerque’s Roller King. The Rink-O’Mania, which is similar to Starcourt Mall being included in Stranger Things season 3 is yet another example of the series integrating some of the most famous hang-out spots of the decade.

Is Kamchatka a Real Place in Russia?

Hopper is in Kamchatka (Russia) where he is being held by Demogorgons. He’s trying desperately to escape from the prison at the beginning of Stranger Things season 4. Kamchatka is actually a real Russian place, unlike Lenora Hills or Hawkins. The Kamchatka Peninsula can be found in the Russian Far East. It is just across the Bering Strait to Alaska. Although Kamchatka is real and exists, Stranger Things season 4 filmed the Russia scenes in Vilnius (Lithuania), which was also used as the filming location for HBO’s Chernobyl. Stranger Things’ Russian prison was shot at Lithuania’s Lukiskes prison, which was closed after more than a century of operation.

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