woman holding her white shirt flipping hair

What is the deal with custom hair care?

woman holding her white shirt flipping hair

Consistency is key to good skin care. The same applies for hair. It can be difficult to find the right hair routine. It can be difficult to find the right products that work year round, regardless of your hair texture or lifestyle. The burgeoning trend towards customized hair care is changing the way we shop and how we build a routine for healthy hair. Most people think that a hair-care regimen is just shampoo, conditioner, and an occasional deep-conditioning mask. So the question becomes: What makes a good hair-care program? To get the full scoop, we spoke to Paul Michaux (co-founder and vice president of product), Diana Pratasiewicz Barnao (director of education) and Neila Dahlander (education coordinator).

What Does Personalization Mean When It Comes to Hair Care?

Michaux says that this mass generalization is not effective, sustainable, or inclusive. Prose was created with the understanding that every head of hair is unique. It is important to consider individual hair needs and preferences. There are many elements that affect hair health and condition. A system that addresses both can be difficult.
Dahlander shares that while two people may appear to have the same hair type and preference when it comes down to getting the desired result, they may have very different hair-care routines and preferences. They will need to use different products and have different routines in order to achieve those results.

Barnao points out that while everyone wants healthy hair, different hair types and textures require different products. The first step to creating a hair-care routine that works is to take into account your hair’s past and your daily styling habits.

What Factors Are Most Important When Determining the Product’s Formulation?

We created Ouai’s Daily Care products based on the width of one hair strand. Barnao says that this helped to decide which ingredients we should use for thick, medium and fine hair. Barnao explains, “Your lifestyle and daily routines play an important role in the way your hair and scalp behave. Hair-care habits can be affected by stress, pollution, and weekly workouts.”

A personalized routine wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity for refinement. The way we live and interact with the world around us is constantly changing. So should our hair products and regimens. You can make adjustments to product formulations by evaluating their performance after they have been used.

What Are the Benefits of a Custom Hair-Care Routine?

The process of finding the perfect routine is simplified by creating a customized regimen. The expert-chosen products are delivered directly to your home. Dahlander says customized care will result in healthier hair and scalp. This will make your hair easier to manage and maintain. The same applies to styling. If you have the right product, styling will be easy instead of difficult. A balanced regimen that is tailored to your hair and scalp’s needs will not only take the hassle out of shopping but also reduces your need for extra products.

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