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What to wear to remote job

woman in white robe sitting on couch

You may be wondering what to wear if you have accepted a remote job or are working remotely part-time or full-time. Do you want to keep the same clothes that you wore at work, change to more comfortable outfits or take a different fashion route?

This article will help you decide what to wear to work remotely. It will also show you how to strike a balance between style and comfort. We will also give you tips on what to wear to professional video meetings.

Remote Work: The Rise and Continued Success

In recent years, the number of remote workers has increased significantly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the American Time Use Survey Summary reported that 42% of workers worked remotely in 2020. A Gallup poll from September 2021 found that 67% of white-collar employees work from home at least some of the time (41%) and exclusively (41%).

According to surveys, this trend towards remote work is likely to continue. According to Gallup, 9 out of 10 remote workers want to continue working, while 76% expect their employer will continue offering remote work options.

How to Decide What to Wear

Remote work and flexibility will be here for the long-term, so it is important to consider what you wear every day or in specific situations. There is no single answer to the question of what you should wear to work remotely. These factors may impact your choice of outfit:

  1. Your industry: In sectors like banking and consulting, expect more formal attire.
  2. Your company and your job: Expectations may vary from one company to the next, even within the same industry. You may need to dress more formal if you are in senior management or a client-facing position. This is true even if you are frequently photographed.
  3. Personal preferences: Some people might find it difficult to work effectively in clothes that look like pajamas. Others may prefer comfort.

Look Put Together and Balance Comfort

Workers’ lives were transformed by the move to work from home. This included their clothes. Bras became less important, leggings were more popular, and people began to refer to jeans and other pants that have a defined waistband, as “hard pants.”

In a telephone interview with The Balance, Linda Davis, USA training manager, said that comfort clothes are “really enjoyable for a week.” Davis warns that comfort can impact your mental health, productivity, and the way you present to your coworkers.

Choose Camera-Ready Comfortable Attire

Davis says there are many benefits to feeling comfortable at home. However, it is important to find the right balance between comfort and looking put together. Davis suggested that you look for clothing that is comfortable and flattering on the camera. These clothes don’t need to be expensive or only dry-cleanable. You can machine-wash collared shirts, cotton tops and cardigans instead of blazers.

These outfits will help you feel confident when you meet unexpectedly. Davis stated, “Even on days when you don’t see anyone, you can feel really great about yourself and be more efficient.”

Business, smart casual, or business casual attire is a good choice for formal meetings and job interviews. You can wear a suit, sportcoat, button-down shirt or sweater.

A Routine

It is important to have a routine for your mornings. You don’t need to be dressed up from the night before.

Christine Heinrich, a Las Vegas-based recruiting manager at Taurean Consulting Group, said that looking professional “makes it feel good and like your professional mindset is in place.” Christine Heinrich sent The Balance an email. Heinrich stated, “Remember that you are human.” This means washing your face, brushing and combing your hair.

Concentrate on Flexibility

You don’t need to wear “work” clothes if you don’t have any on-camera meetings, or if you work in a casual setting. Heinrich stated that working remotely is one of the many benefits. You don’t have to dress up and can accept not having your clothes dried-cleaned or washed. Heinrich noted that this can lead to significant cost savings and be more comfortable.

Wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt is acceptable if you are productive and happy at work. Flexibility is important. A button-down shirt is a good choice if you are presenting. Comfortable, but not professional clothing is fine for the days that you are working to prepare the deck.

Heinrich stated that “not every day of working from home is the exact same.” Heinrich said that outfits can reflect your personal style. There are many options for day to day wear, so it’s important to choose the right clothing.

For Camera-Heavy Days

You can wear the same clothes you wore at work if you’re on camera. Heinrich stated, “You will feel more confident when you talk to people.”

Your work environment can impact how your supervisors and coworkers view you. Heinrich said that it is likely that you will be noticed if you are the only person wearing a T-shirt or hat. If you are in an in-person position, you may model your work clothes on the outfits of your manager and peers. You can do the exact same thing if you work from home.

A mullet is also possible (business in front, party back). You can choose to wear unstructured, comfortable pants or shorts with a more professional shirt.

Ayesha Mehdi (a partner at Spencer Fane and mother of three) said, “I dress for comfort but also for professionalism (from top down) if I have video meetings with clients or colleagues.”

What to wear for video meetings

These are some tips to help you look your best during meetings on-screen:

  1. Davis said that color can grab attention and increase energy. She advised that tops and shirts should be appropriate for your activities, as well as comfortable and flattering on you.
  2. Lipstick: Davis suggested that lipstick is a great option. Your lips will be more visible. Your face and eyes will also be more visible. This is important because it’s more difficult to make eye contact with people over video chats than it is in person. Davis stated that color can help people make connections online.
  3. Accessories and hair are important. For some earrings and a scarf make all the difference. Your appearance to others can be affected by how your hair and makeup look. Mehdi is more formal  when she meets with others. She said, “I wear a suit jacket or blazer, have my hair done and accessories like earrings.”
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