man putting ring on woman's hand

What to Wear to an Engagement Party if you’re a man

man putting ring on woman's hand

It’s almost as if every man and his dog is getting married right now. Then comes the inevitable series of parties that follow. You can find everything from white-themed harbour cruises to glamorous cocktail events. When a friend decides to tie the knot with their friends, it’s bound to be done with style and panache.

It can be difficult to choose the right attire for an engagement party, with dress codes ranging from casual to formal. We show you how to look chic at an engagement party, no matter where it is held, while not upsetting the groom.

What to Wear to a Cocktail Engagement Party

There’s a good chance that you will be invited to an evening engagement party. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. But what does it really mean? Think about the place.

You can be more formal if it is at a venue. A smart blazer in a bold Prince of Wales print can be worn over tailored trousers in a pale color. You can play with accents such as a lapel pin or pocket square. You can wear something more casual if you are attending a private cocktail party. You’ll feel at home with a tailored shirt in a sateen fabric paired with a pair tab-waisted pants and driving loafers.

What to Wear to a Pub Engagement Party

This happens, we promise. Everyone has a friend who drinks at their local bar like it is their living room. Regardless of whether the other half enjoys it, there is a good chance that they will host some kind of engagement party at the venue. You don’t need to wear the same attire as for a standard evening pint. Correct.

It’s simple to dress up for upcoming nuptials in a pub by adding a few simple touches. A base of dark indigo skinny jeans can be paired with a white or pale blue oxford shirt. To add style, pair this with sneakers or Chelsea boots and a blazer that is unstructured. Choose casual styles in taupe and navy, rather than wool blazers. This will keep your appearance casual but professional.

What to wear to a Backyard Engagement Party

Nothing is better than a relaxing Sunday afternoon barbecue in the backyard. This tradition can also be used to celebrate engagements. A button-down collared shirt with a check or stripe combination can be paired with tailored shorts to add a touch of polish to your usual outfit.

You can play with bold colours by choosing shorts in bright colors like forest green, aquamarine, or burnt orange. The look can be paired with a cable knit sweater and boat shoes. For cooler months, you can opt for chinos in navy or stone, which will add pops of colour to bright sweaters and shirts. To really make your outfit stand out, add extra elements such as a belt with a loop in the canvas.

What to Wear to a Beach Engagement Party

Even though events on the beach can be great, they are not always. Usually, half of the beach ends up in your shoes. Even though it’s not the most comfortable thing to do, it’s worse when you wear cheap dress shoes. You can skip the hassle and wear chic, comfortable linen pieces for beach engagement parties. You can pair cuffed trousers in white linen with a tab waist or cotton with a pale-blue shirt.

You can be bold and experiment with the shirt collar or sleeves. A Mandarin collar is a great way to add style. Also, a shirt sleeve reaching mid-bicep is a good idea. Add a pair of suede sandals or a woven-leather sandal to complete your look.

What to Wear To An Engagement-Wedding Party

The engagement party/ wedding party is becoming more common. It presents a challenge for people who dress for the former but not for the latter.

Our advice: Be cautious and carefully read the invitation. The RSVP process itself is often a clue.

Dress appropriately if you think your friends will be attending a more formal party. You can pair chinos with a tailored shirt and leather Chelsea boots with a casual blazer or tie. You can have fun choosing a jacket in bold colours and patterns – olive is a great choice over navy chinos with a crisp white shirt. Even if you are wrong and it is all about the engagement, you will look sharp.

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