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What to Look for in Lip Balms

blue and white nivea plastic bottle


Lip Balms are designed to protect and replenish moisture and hydrate chapped or dry lips. You should look for ingredients like beeswax and vitamin E. Hyaluronic acid is another unique ingredient that boosts moisture. It draws moisture in and locks it in to provide extra hydrating power.

Additional Treatments

If you want to get more from your lip balm, consider products that offer additional treatments. Some lip balms contain ingredients that can soothe or heal cracked or damaged lips. They are likely to be thicker and richer than regular lip balms.

Some may be designed for overnight wear to allow the skin to heal and continue healing over several hours. Certain types are great for dry, colder climates when the lips can easily lose moisture.


Lip Balms can be colored to add a pop of color. You might want to look for a lipbalm with pigment. The color will usually be subtle and light. You should choose one that matches your skin tone and looks great on all skin types.

Sun Protection

Lip protection is essential. Your lips are thin and susceptible to burning. Sun exposure can cause dryness, blistering and cracking. If you are concerned about sunburns or sun exposure, make sure to use a lip balm with SPF 15.

What’s the purpose of lip balm?

Lip balm is used to protect lips from chapping and drying by sealing in or providing moisture. You can use it to add a subtle or lightly pigmented touch of color. Lip balms can contain treatment ingredients or SPF to protect and soothe the lips.

Which lip balm is best suited for dry lips?

A lip balm that contains moisturizing oils and ingredients like vitamin E and beeswax can help dry lips. To further treat damaged lips, consider an overnight treatment.

You can use lipbalm every day. This is great if your lips are dry or if you’re in the sun. For daily sun protection, you should choose a lipbalm that has SPF.

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