top view photography of person standing on snow covered field

What shoes should I wear with brown trousers?

top view photography of person standing on snow covered field

Although it may seem simple, it is so common in comments that it’s worth answering here and then directing anyone else to this post.

People ask about shoes that go with brown trousers because brown is the most popular colour for smart shoes. Black is the classic option. A black shoe goes well with any brown, whether it’s chinos, flannels, or cords. Black is the most fashionable colour. Many people wear it to work or other smart events.

I believe they should give black another chance. It’s great to be able to wear lots of cold, tonal colours. As I have said before. It can also look very chic if it’s not worn in a professional context.

Instead of a cap-toe Oxford, opt for a loafer, or a boot. Also, think about other materials such as suede, cordovan, or grain.

Let’s move on to brown: wearing brown shoes and brown trousers.

First, dark-brown shoes work well with suits that are light- to medium- brown. As you can see in the Dalcuore brown Tweed suit, the shoes are darker than the suit. This is what smarter dressing is all about.

It is also nice that they are different in texture: shiny calf versus matte wool. If you don’t feel the need to be stylish (and you might not), then you can wear shoes that are lighter than your trousers.

The loafers can be purchased in more than one color of brown. The shoe has almost the same color as its owner’s trouser. It is also nearly as dark as the one on the toe and heel. This shoe fits much better than a flat, mid-brown.

Once we have understood the rules, then we can start to break them.

Anglo-Italian demonstrates with the combination above that a brown shoe almost identical to the trousers is not necessarily bad.

It’s just a look. In the same way that the navy shirt and navy jacket, it’s not a formal look. It’s not professional office attire and therefore many rules don’t apply. This is a pleasant, neutral style.

Another option is to choose a dark color that isn’t brown or black for your shoes. Horween’s Color 8 cordovan in this regard is my favorite.

Color 8 can vary a bit naturally. Alden redecorate theirs from Horween. However, you want it as dark as you can. If you wish, you can use (tentatively) black cream or polish to make it darker.

It’s so dark many people don’t even notice that it’s not black. It’s richer than black and has a deeper hue.

It is also very purple with some blue. This may explain why I like it so much more than other colours called ‘burgundy’. While redder tones are acceptable with navy, I prefer them with charcoal or brown pants.

I have never liked dark green or burgundy in shoes. They fall too far into what a friend calls ‘coloured shoes’. He is referring to all things other than black, brown, and white.

An ecru canvas shoe looks great with a casual brown trouser such as cotton or linen.

Black canvas is great with brown chinos, too. A black Doek oxford with black laces, rather than the white.

That’s all I can think of. Although I’ve seen brown trousers paired with tan leather shoes, it’s not something that I would choose to wear. You might consider wearing dark black loafers with brown trousers if you feel the shoes are too dull.

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