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What not to wear to a job interview?

shallow focus photography of red and white for hire signage

Worried about making a fashion faux pas? Here are the pieces you should avoid when choosing what to wear for an interview.

Poor fitting clothing: It’s too big, too small or too long. Anything that requires constant adjustment and makes you nervous will be a no-go. It will distract you in the best case scenario. Worst case scenario, it will distract others from your interview.

You have enough to worry about in a job interview, without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. High necklines and midi lengths are the best, as you never know what might come up.

Uncomfortable shoes are not the best choice. You want to be confident and able to walk into interviews without feeling uncomfortable. You don’t want to wear your first pair of shoes on interview day. Make sure you have worn them in before.

Sliders and flip-flops: While we know that your shoes should be comfortable, this doesn’t mean you can just throw on some flip-flops. For a professional look, opt for closed-toe shoes.

Sportwear: For a clean blouse, tailored trousers and pumps, swap out your best joggers and hoodies for a pair of pumps and some slacks.

Hats: In the past, it was considered impolite for someone to wear a headband inside. If your interviewer is strict about etiquette, you can leave your hat at home.


It all depends on the job, but generally speaking, wearing your best jeans to interview is a no-no.

It can make the interviewer feel like you don’t care enough about the job. It’s a good idea to dress up from head to tail, so you can feel confident and calm during interviews.

If jeans are something you think might work for an interview, ensure they’re either dark indigo, black or with a straight or skinny leg. You won’t feel casual if you wear jeans that are too loose or boyfriend-fitting, or jeans that are light in wash.


Don’t forget the right shoes when you are choosing your outfit for an interview. To make a good first impression, your shoes should be clean, smart, and in great shape. For an interview, you can opt for boots such as the finest Chelsea boots.

Pointed pumps make a great choice for interview style. They offer all the benefits of heels, but without the pain. Choose yours in nude or cream to max out your cost-per-wear–hopefully in your new job!

You can wear heels to interview if you prefer. However, they should be smart and comfortable so you can focus on the interview and not any wobbles or pain caused by heels.


Here are some outfit suggestions and brands that you can shop for when going to job interviews.

  • Reiss

Reiss was originally launched as a men’s tailoring company. It knows a lot about the importance of a well-fitting wardrobe for work. The palette of Reiss is muted, with a focus on creams, greys and pinks. This makes them easy to match with other pieces in your closet.

  • Boden

Boden is a personal take on classic pieces. Look for vibrant jewel tones as well as luxurious fabrics. For extra style points, add one of the silky, patterned blouses with a plain black suit.

  • Marks & Spencer

British clothing brand M&S has a solution for every fashion need. It’s an excellent place to find affordable and interview-ready workwear, thanks to its reliable line. While the M&S Collection is more traditional, Autograph and Per Una offer more trendy styles.

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