white and blue yacht on sea under blue sky during daytime

What is the Real Pay for Superyacht Crew Members?

white and blue yacht on sea under blue sky during daytime

Madison Jay, a superyacht captain with 6.5 years of experience, said that superyacht crew usually start on a salary at 2,500 euros per month. The Superyacht Crew Academy states that superyacht crew can make up to 20,000 euro a month if they have more experience and if they get a job on a larger, better-paying boat.

Madison Jay, a member of a superyacht crew who has been at sea for six and a half decades, took to TikTok in order to share what superyacht crew usually get paid. She said in a video that the starting salary for superyacht crew members is 2,500 euros per month, and then you get a leave allowance of anywhere between 38 days and 90 days.

This will increase as you acquire more skills and experience. Another thing to remember is that you do not have to pay any living expenses while working onboard a vessel. You live onboard so there is no rent and you don’t need any bills.

Madison added that “chefs prepare your meals, snacks are provided, crew alcohol is provided most of the times, and toiletries are free – so anything you make is yours.” Madison stated that if you’re tired of rising living costs, this could be the right solution.

Madison commented in the special section: “Some boats don’t make tips, while others can make up for an additional EUR40k each summer season.” Madison also stated that the cost of preparing to be hired depends upon the country (and where you move to search for work) and how long it takes.

She also addressed the cost of getting the legal requirements onboard. She also discussed the differences between working for a charter boat and working for a private owner.

TikTok user superyachtgirl also discussed how yachties are paid. She explained that the yacht’s salary is dependent on its size as well as your position on board.

Perhaps you are sick of rising living costs and want to make a change in your life.

Madison points out that despite the recession approaching, it is still attractive to work on a superyacht. While living expenses have increased in cost, salaries have not. This means that “it’s impossible for anyone to get ahead and. Living expenses and bills are consuming most of the earnings of the majority. However, a yacht job allows you to live comfortably because everything is included in your salary.

Madison also pointed out that being a super-rich person gives you some job security. She wrote on Instagram: “Yachting appears to be somewhat “protected” by most events that occur around the globe,” pointing out that while some people lost their jobs, most of us were busier during Covid.

She says that this is because “rich people were still wealthy and saw a yacht to be a safe haven, when they couldn’t go on holiday elsewhere.”

This is also the main reason why there are 1024 superyachts on order or in construction, which is an increase of 24.7% over the previous year! There is a growing demand for qualified crew.

It’s not easy work, there are Atlantic crossings and long days of hard labor. But the camaraderie is amazing and you can see how the other half lives. Superyachtgirl says all you need is an ENG1 medical certificate, the STCW95 qualification (a five-day course), a food hygiene level 2 qualification, and a half day security duties course.

Next, you must actually be hired. It might be difficult, but you will now know what your salary is likely to be if you get hired.

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