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Why we can’t wear white after Labor Day?

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Although the “no white after Labor Day” fashion rule is well-known, it’s not really that bad. Fashion rules are meant to be broken. They are. But the roots of fashion faux pas can be traced back to a time when clothes were more formal and everyone knew what to wear. At that time, wearing white after Labor Day could make you the center of attention.

How the Rule Was Created

The rule of wearing white between Memorial Day & Labor Day was established in the early 1900s according to the vacation schedule of the elite. At that time, there was a dress code for almost every occasion. People who could afford it would travel to the mountains or the seaside for months, where they had access to a totally different wardrobe. This included the bright, summer-colored pieces that are most commonly associated with summer. After those summer fun days, white clothes were put away and people returned to their normal lives. They had escaped the heat of the early fall through the middle of May. The cutoff for white clothing was Labor Day. This meant that the white clothes they loved in the summer months were no longer appropriate for their “real” wardrobes.

Is the Rule Still in Effect?

While you might still come across friends, family, and acquaintances who wouldn’t dream of wearing white after Labor Day, they may be more open to the idea and may even give you the side eye or lecture if it happens. However, fashion rules have changed over time and are now much more relaxed. Emily Post, the icon of etiquette and a family business that spans five generations, says white is not a faux pas. You should focus more on the fabric you are wearing than the color. White cashmere is a better choice than white linen. White can be used all year round as pants, accessories and coats, shirts, skirts, and shoes (if you dare).

Breaking Fashion Rules

Celebrity stylists agree that it is possible to break the rule. Modern fashion has thrown out old fashion rules. There’s no reason for you to throw away all your white clothes just because there is a square on your calendar. While white isn’t out of fashion, it may be time to change the way you wear it. To keep the color vibrant throughout the year, you’ll need to choose more “serious” fabrics and cut. Instead of wearing the same summer dresses and cut-offs you wore in May and June, try something more fashion-forward and edgy.

Alternative to Winter White

Some stylists suggest that you should retire bright, true-white summer colors in favor of a more muted winter white. If this is your preference, and if winter white suits your complexion, then you can switch to a slightly darker, warmer tone that is similar to beige or cream. Don’t feel obligated just because Labor Day is here. Even if your white shoes aren’t ready to go, you may still wish to get rid of them. If you live in a place that is hot after Labor Day, the decision is yours.

Add texture and layers to your designs

After Labor Day, you can wear white as much or little as you like. It can be worn as jeans, a sweater or a dress made of heavier materials. You can pair it with faux fur, leather, suede, silk, and wool to add weight to your look (not to you body but to the feel of your ensemble, which will make it more winter-appropriate. It will also add texture and texture to your overall look. Add a white scarf to your winter or fall outfit and your makeup will pop! Vogue offers some tips on how to incorporate white clothing into your wardrobe following Labor Day.

White Wherever You Like

You don’t have to stop wearing white. Have fun with it in fall and winter. You can make this color work all year round with the tips above.

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