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What’s the difference between baby hairs and breakage?

woman wearing gray crew-neck top

It can be frustrating when you work hard to improve your hair health to see short hairs growing around your scalp and upper hairline. These short hairs are often interpreted as signs of hair loss.

It turns out that those flyaways could be a positive sign. You can rest assured that the little hairs you see are not split ends or broken hair. This article will help you distinguish between new hair growth or breakage and what you can do for new hair growth.

How to identify new hair growth vs. breakage

It can be difficult to tell the difference between broken hair and baby hairs just starting to grow. There are many clues that will help you determine if the short hairs are due to damage or growth.

Dr. Anna Chacon, a dermatologist, said that baby hairs can be found in both hair breakage or new growth. “This is often a source of confusion when I assess a patient for hair loss. Usually, the overall pattern will give clues as to whether there is hair growth or breakage. There will be growth in one place, and at the same time there will be growth elsewhere. However, baby-fine and decreased hair density may occur. There will be visible damage to the rest of your hair if there is any breakage in one area. This can be seen on dermoscopy/trichoscopy, in which the hair follicles are examined at higher magnification. If more than six of the 20 hairs are pulled out, a hair fall test is positive. This can indicate active shedding and hair loss.”

Flyaways can be identified by a curled, uneven appearance at the ends. The strands will vary in length due to damage at the ends. Dr. Susan Bard, a NYC dermatologist, said that hair can break leaving a rough edge. However, new hair will have a tapered finish when it grows in. Healthy new growth will be similar or the same length because length is a measure how long the strands have been growing.

How to Avoid Hair Loss

It’s important to take care of your scalp and hair to avoid having short hairs. Here are some tips.

Heat Protection

You could damage your hair and scalp if you blow-dry your hair often without using a heat protector. This can cause the hair to shrink and expand and eventually break. The same applies to any heat-styling tool you may use. Use a hair spray or leave-in conditioner to protect your hair before you apply heat to it. You will be a blessing to your hair.

Evaluate Your Hairstyle

Updos and other tight hairstyles are popular. Pay attention to your hairline and the nape of the neck if you love updos. Your flyaways should be the same length as your usual place to pull your hair up. This is a sign that you have suffered from repeated strand stress, which can cause hair breakage along your hairline. Hair damage is caused by hair breaking down in the telogen phase, which is a period of 100 days during which hair strands are fully formed.

You must ensure that your hair is properly hydrated

Dry hair can cause more damage than well-hydrated hair, making it vulnerable to injury. Conditioner on wash days, along with occasional deep moisturising treatments, will protect your hair.

Take Care of Your Hair

If your hair texture permits, you can only brush or detangle hair when it is dry. Wet hair can cause tears or follicle damage. For curly girls who can’t believe the idea of removing dry curls, we recommend that you brush your hair gently after it has been dampened and is covered with conditioner. To gently detangle your hair, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

Scalp massages can be added to your hair care routine

Scalp massages can help you get to the root cause of your problem. You can use your hands or a silicone scrubber to reach deeper into your hair after applying your favorite shampoo or conditioner to promote thicker, fuller hair. Regular massages can help to penetrate your hair and increase blood flow. There is increasing evidence that massage can also improve the strength and condition of your scalp. Massage may promote hair growth.

How to Tame Those Flyaways

Even if you have determined that the short hairs are a sign of hair growth, it is still possible to be disappointed by the frazzled appearance that a head full flyaways can give.

A few drops of cold-pressed marula oil can be used to smoothen flyaways and also hydrate dry hair. Apply a few drops of oil to your hair and brush it through. This will give it a perfect shine and frizz control.

No matter how you choose to treat your baby hairs. It takes time. The natural growth process of your scalp’s healthy hair cycle can include frizzies. You can achieve new growth as long as your hair is well-maintained and your scalp is hydrated.

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