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What is The Difference Between a Cleanser and a Face Wash?

woman in bathtub with red flower petals floating on water

Cleanliness is a top priority when it comes to skin care. Every skincare routine begins with washing the face. This is to cleanse the pores and rinse out excess oil. There are no longer any common soaps to clean your face. Although cleansers and facial washes are a part of every woman’s daily skincare routine, the distinction between cleansers and face washes is often overlooked.

Although cleansers and wash can be mistakenly referred to as the same thing, both have distinct properties. There is a subtle difference in cleanser and facial wash. This guide will help you find the best products for your skin.

What’s the difference between Cleanser and Facial Wash?

Both cleansers as well as face washes can be used to clean the skin. Given their similar functions, how can they be different? There are subtle differences that one should know before buying any facial cleanser. The best one for you will depend on your skin type.

  • What is a Cleaner?

Facial cleanser perform the same function as a regular face wash. However, their creamy formula provides a soothing and hydrating effect. Cleansers are often enriched with moisturizing ingredients to balance the skin’s moisture and boost its natural oils. Skin cleansers can be used on a wide range of skin types due to their gentle and soothing qualities. They also don’t foam! Some prefer to use a cotton pad for applying the cleaner to the skin, while others prefer to use their fingertips to massage the cleaner into the skin.

Pro tip: When using toner or cleanser, we prefer finger tips to cotton pads. It is more eco-friendly than using cotton pads. Also, the product won’t be absorbed by the cotton pad and therefore will not be wasted.

  • What is Facial Wash?

There are many types of face washes: foams, gels, and soap bars. However, all face washes involve wetting the skin and then massaging the product onto the skin. Face washes are often made with strong astringents. These, along with their sudsy texture, help to deep clean pores and fight excess sebum production. They are better suited for users with combination to oily skin types.

Cleanser or Face Wash? Which one is right for you?

Your skin type will determine which cleanser or face wash you choose. Some people will never switch to a cream cleanser for their favorite face wash, while others may find harsher products too harsh for them.

  • For sensitive skin. A typical face wash contains harsh astringents to remove excess oil and deep clean pores. While this is great for oily skin types, sensitive skin may find it too harsh and cause dryness or irritation. It is best to choose a gentler cleanser that leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.
  • For acne-prone skin. For oily skin that is more prone to breakouts, a foaming face wash is the best choice. The skin will love the astringent formula that foams up and effectively removes excess sebum (oily residue) from the face.
  • For dry skin. Dry skin will need the soothing moisturizer to provide the creaminess and moisture it needs. Its creamy texture makes it easy to maintain healthy skin that feels soft and smooth.
  • For combination skin. Combination skin may be best to use both. A combination of a cream cleanser in the morning and a facewash at night will help you achieve healthy skin.

Five Recommendations for Facial Cleansers and Washes:

The difficult task of choosing the right product to purchase is left after you have decided which product you want to use. This is a list with top facial cleansers and cleansers that are highly recommended.


This creamy face cleanser is inspired by Japanese traditions of recycling rice water for beauty rituals. This cleanser contains nourishing rice water, which is a rich source vitamin A, B2, and E, as well as red algae and hyaluronic acids. It aims to rehydrate the skin, leaving it soft, clean, and healthy. One user described it as “heavenly” and said that she fell in love with the product.


Glow Recipe cleanser is cruelty-free and lightweight. It gently removes dirt and oil from the skin, while leaving it soft and hydrated. This skin cleanser is made from natural enzymes and papain from the papaya fruits. It’s suitable for sensitive skin as well as contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes. This cleanser is also sustainable and free of PEGs. It is also recyclable!


SK-II’s ultra-hydrating foaming cleanser for facials contains over 50 micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. White willow extract, which is a willow bark extract, is also included in the ingredients. It contains BHA salicylic acids. This allows the product effectively to remove deep-seated impurities within the pores. The mild rose essence locks moisture in the skin and promotes relaxation. This product is praised by one user who said that it was “the best cleanser available!” It lathers beautifully, cleanses my skin well and leaves my skin feeling clean after washing it off.


Calendula Foaming Facewash is perfect for oily skin. This wash deep cleans pores with calendula flower extract, which soothes skin, and glycerine to protect the skin’s moisture barrier. This Kiehl’s product has received glowing reviews from customers. It is gentle but effective and is called “the best cleanser money can buy.”


This gentle, purifying facial wash from Elemis is a foaming gel that gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. It has a unique formula that targets impurities and exfoliates deep within pores. To remove stubborn layers of skin cells, it uses Elemis’ patented Tri-Enzyme Technology.

This gentle protective facial wash is rich in antioxidant-rich moringa and white truffle mushroom. It has received many five star reviews. One reviewer said, “Absolutely love the little gem! It gently stimulates skin’s natural cell regeneration cycle, leaving your face feeling soft and glowing.”

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