open book beside black and red digital watch and silver macbook

A Beginner’s Guide on Everyday Carry

open book beside black and red digital watch and silver macbook

Over the past few years, I have been going deeper into the Every Day Carry (EDC). As many of you have modified EDC or improved it over the years, and will likely continue doing so in the future. When I was a child, I loved to go home from school and get my gear ready for the outdoors.

This was before survivalist TV and the only TV show that gave an inkling of “wilderness living”, was Grizzly Adam. I would never go on a hike or into the woods without the following. A knife, BB gun and first aid kit. Water and a snack are also good.

For starters, I have been visiting many EDC websites on the internet. I make minor adjustments to what I take with me every day and do my best to keep it in my pocket, on my belt, or on my keychain. When I look at the “pocket dumps” of people, one thing that surprises me is how unique and sometimes lacking in many of the EDC options available.

Many people take too much for granted even when they are at the most basic level of prepping (which is EDC and pocket dumps). It is easy to assume that everything will be fine if you don’t put in a little extra effort.

While I realize I may not be right in everyone’s eyes, we must all adapt our daily carry to suit us and the environment we are in. You can’t carry a gun if you work in a Post Office.

A tactical knife is not allowed in schools. In fact, most workplaces will ban you from using a knife to cut fruit.

Let’s now get to the basics of EDC and why it is so important to me.

  • EDC Belt Carry

Personally, I prefer Leatherman and I own eight of them. I have a rotation between the Wave and Rebar versions.

  • Small pocket knife

The Victorinox Rambler has been my favorite pocket knife for years. The small Swiss Army knife is all you need for everyday use. Knife, scissors, small flat-head, Philips, Philips, bottle openers, wire strippers, toothpicks, and tweezers. It’s mostly used for the toothpick.

  • Bic Mini Lighter

I don’t smoke, and I don’t plan on, but I believe in having a reliable way to light a fire. These small lighters are lightweight, durable, and can even be used in laundry.

  • Wallet

How does a wallet fit in the “always available” EDC kit? Simply put, I always have at least two fabric band-aids in my EDC kit. My 4 boys are my children and my wife, along with my kids, will eventually have to cut some of our family. There is also a RAT Knives Survival Card.

It amazes me that so many parents don’t have a few band-aids and end up asking for them at stores, parks, and other places. Seriously? You need a band-aid if you have children. This is my personal favorite.

  • Flashlight

This pocket-sized flashlight is another important component of my EDC. I alternate between two models: one powered by one AA and one powered by one CR123 battery. Both models are small and bright with multiple brightness and flashing settings.

The AA battery model is my favorite because I know that I can always find them no matter where I travel. No matter which one you choose, make sure it has a significant “down range” so that you can see what is coming before it does.

  • Tactical blade

This tactical knife is used to protect me. My Leatherman can be used to cut anything, and my Leatherman can be borrowed by anyone who needs it. My Tactical Blade is not my only tool. In fact, my wife is the only one I have allowed to use it.

  • Watch

The Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1CR Triple Sensor watch was a long-standing dream of mine and I just bought one online. It is a wonderful watch with many great features. Solar power, sunrise/sunset and compass. Also, thermometer, thermometer, barometer and altimeter. Stopwatch and timer.

It is a perfect everyday watch for EDC. It is easy to read and makes me feel ready for anything.

  • Hat

A standard baseball cap is my favorite headcover. It protects my eyes from the sun’s glare, keeps my head safe if I get into something, and gives me just the right amount of warmth when it gets cold.

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