woman in gray sweater and white jeans during daytime

Are Treggings a New Trend?

woman in gray sweater and white jeans during daytime

Treggings aren’t a new fashion trend. They’ve been around for years. This is due to their versatility and being both stylish and extremely comfortable. Treggings saw a revival in our wardrobes after we came out of quarantine earlier in the last/this year. We had become used to wearing a casual and comfortable daily wardrobe, and perhaps a few extra pounds. Treggings look great and stretch with you, yet still look professional.

Treggings are the must-have?

Treggings have been the hottest trend since jeggings and leggings. According to fashion experts, this is the latest trend.

We all love leggings. They are easy to wear and keep your jiggling bits in check. Plus, there’s no thick waistband/zipper/button in front to add to that frontal protrusion, and you can throw a long shirt/tunic/t-shirt over, and you have a nice casual look.

Jeggings were next. They look like jeans, but are made of a thinner material. These ‘jeans’ can also be worn casually. They look great with flats, boots, sandals and even high heels. However, we must admit that no one can wear leggings or jeggings with heels. It kind of negates the casual and comfortable feel. We found ourselves wearing leggings and jeggings that made us look like wearing pantyhose.

Next are treggings, which are the ‘leggings looking like trousers’. The main difference from two previous ones is that treggings are made of thicker material.

Who should buy a pair of treggings?

Leggings and jeggings should not be worn if you are working in an informal setting. They can also be inappropriate for visitors to customers or for attending professional events. Now, we’ve transformed our leggings to treggings.

What are treggings, you ask? These are trousers, as we mentioned before. Get it now! They are usually made from stretchy material such as Ponte knit or Scuba knit, which are thicker than leggings and without see-through.

Many have pant details that look like slim trousers. They can be found under common, but less well-known names like slim pants or pencil pants. They’re comfortable, with side zippers, pull-ons, and back zippers. They look professional with blazers or other large pieces.

These are great for women due to their comfort, flat front and stretch. You can make your style statement with the many cool loafers and boots available. You can complete the look with a backpack, crossbody bag, or even satchel. Now, you can be proud of your fashion knowledge and answer the question “What are treggings?” You can take a lot of treggings with you! You don’t need to check in luggage when all you need can be carried on and stored in one bag.

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