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What is the”Skin Scent” and why you should try it?

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Perfume has been called the most sacred and mysterious beauty product in human history. It is a product that originated in ancient Egypt, and has been used in nearly every civilization recorded. It can be used to mask body odors or denote status. Personal scent is counted too.

Our use of perfume has evolved with us. We still use perfume in the same way as our forefathers, but we have discovered new ways to fragrance our lives. Our cars have air fresheners that hang from the rearview mirror, our makeup is scented with peach and we have hand sanitizers that clean our hands and keep us safe. It can and will be made if it is possible.

It’s not surprising that the “skin” scent is the most popular type of fragrance right now. These scents are designed to mimic the smell of skin. Is it not strange that we apply perfumes to our skin to make it smell like skin? It seems redundant, doesn’t it?

This is not the only question we have about skin fragrances. Let us clarify: What is a skin fragrance?

It’s a great question. The answer might depend on who you ask. Skin scents are often based on the molecule Iso E Super. This synthetic molecule was created in 1973 at IFF (International Flavors & Chemicals). Fragrances, Inc. is an American company that creates fragrances, flavors, cosmetic actives, and other scents. It has a soft woody and musky scent. It is not noticeable from the skin, and stays close to it.

Iso E Super and other molecules can be used to define skin scents. But, more commonly, their soft presence, which often smells like woods or fresh linen, vetiver or white flowers, has become a way to describe their skin scents. It can be anything, provided it is worn lightly. Skin scent is now a common term for a light, inoffensive fragrance.

They are highly sought-after, but why?

We all love perfume but we also love fragrances that smell like something. It makes us wonder what the point of wearing perfume that you can’t smell. Isn’t it the magic of perfume in creating fantasy? It can set the mood. There are many places that fragrances can take your to, you also can take your fragrance on many journeys.

This could explain why many people like the look of “no-makeup” or the ritual of applying translucent powder to their skin. We like to feel that we are doing something for ourselves.

A fear of being too much is another factor. Exercising too much. Too strong smell. Loving too much. The skin scents we love give us the identity and comfort that we need without worrying about being too much for others.

Although skin scents don’t seem to be our thing, there are many people who love them. Let’s have a look on some of the most popular skin scents.

  • Escentric Molecules Molecule 02

This is the standard for skin scent. Molecule 01 revolves around Iso E Super as the skin scent molecule. It allows you to isolate the molecule and see how it reacts on your skin. It might smell different on your skin than on others’.

It disappears and reappears, but the brand explains that it does not last forever. It bonds with receptors in your olfactory system.

But Molecule 01 is only Iso E Super. It’s a dry wood that’s almost impossible to detect. It has a static smell, which you can’t really see but that you know is there. Although it doesn’t heat up or change, it will remind you of it as soon as your mind stops thinking about it.

  • GAP Om

This one is still available, you just have to find it.  It is similar to Glossier, but it is much more prominent than other scents built around the Super molecular. This one, however, is a bit warmer. A little more liquid. It is not too woody, sweet, soft, or dry. It is a little more welcoming than the rest.

You’ll find ginger and coriander at the top, as well as a few green notes. You’ll also find incense at the top and woody notes at the bottom. It is very balanced, calm, and reserved. It has a hint of sweetness, creaminess and spice that make it feel like real skin.

  • Iso Gamma Super by Ellis Brooklyn

This scent is meant to be worn alone or over other scents in order to intensify them. This piece was too beautiful to be worn alone. This one is even more transparent than Escentric Molecules. It is almost invisible.

It is a soft, shiny, woody scent. Iso Gamma Super remains fresh after twelve hours of wear. It is very close to your skin and can sometimes be smelled when it is rubbed off your clothes.

  • Maya Base

Maya base is very nice. It has equal parts of white flowers and woods but not too much. Even if you don’t like the skin scent concept or florals, this one is excellent.

It is clean and not sterile, it’s familiar and doesn’t seem obvious. It is soft and wearable, but it does not disappear completely. It’s an everyday scent that you can quickly put on in the morning, and it will be with you through the day. It does the skin smell thing very well.

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