gold-colored clear gemstone ring in brown wooden box on sand

How to protect jewellery in summer?

gold-colored clear gemstone ring in brown wooden box on sand

Accessorizing is always fashionable, even during the summer. You have many options for adding sparkle to your swimwear, whether you are wearing everyday earrings or body chains that influencers love.

How can you protect your jewelry from water, sand and sweat when taking your bling to the pool or beach? Keep your jewelry safe from salt water and sweat.

Can you wear jewelry on the beach?

You can wear all of your favorite jewels in summer. It all depends on what metal you use and how long you intend to stay in the water. Albert Kvint is a master jeweler and director for operations at Quick Jewelry Repairs. He says that nature will have an effect on everything. Gold, silver, and platinum will look their best over time.

The formation of an “oxidation coating” can cause jewelry to become duller after being exposed to the sun. This is a chemical reaction that occurs on jewelry’s surface. Kvint says that gold and silver don’t tarnish. However, the oxidation layer can cause jewelry to dull. A jeweler can polish or clean the pieces.

You might prefer costume jewelry but leave it at home for a day at sea. Cheaper metals are often made of copper. Salt water and sweat can cause the metal’s oxidization, which can lead to that horrible turn-your-skin green effect. If the jewelry is just gold-plated (often called “gold-filled”), it can quickly wear down when exposed to the elements. This could lead to a change in the jewelry’s appearance.

No matter what kind of jewelry you wear at the beach – be aware of rocks and sand. You will need to buff out any scratches caused by even a few grains.

How can you prevent your jewelry from getting tarnished at the beach?

Wear your jewelry only for the ocean. Once you return to dry land, rinse it off with water. Kvint says soap can be used to remove any oil residue in the water. Kvint says that soap can be used to “remove any oil residue” in the water.

Sunscreen is bad for jewelry

Sunscreen is important for protecting your skin, but it can also cause damage to your jewelry. It doesn’t matter if you apply sunscreen directly to your skin or use it as a lotion. Some of the sunscreen can get under your stones and into the crevices of jewelry. Kvint says that it tends to stick to the stones, so cleaning would be necessary.

About work out

Even if you don’t go to the beach often, jewelry can still be exposed. This is because sweat can also contain chemicals. Kvint says that although some jewelry companies claim to be “sweatproof”, the term is actually slippery slope. Kvint recommends fine jewelry with a transparent ceramic layer to protect the metal beneath (until it wears out and has to be recoated). Jewelers can add a coating to any piece of jewelry that doesn’t have a coating to protect it from the elements.

Lifting weights requires extra care. It is important to remove your rings before you lift weights. This will prevent them from getting bent. Kvint says that unless your jewelry is made from stainless steel, the metals “tend to respond to any force applied to them.” This means that if the stone is not bent properly, it could pop out of the ring. Additionally, if you keep your rings on while pumping iron, it could cause painful post-workout blisters.

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