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I tried it: In less than two weeks, this serum faded dark spots

“To be honest, my skin is in good shape. I have never had to deal a serious, cystic problem with my skin, other than the occasional small zit, usually during the month. After the pandemic, something happened. Although I don’t know the exact cause of my skin’s revolt, I will say that stress was causing hormonal problems in my body. No matter what the reason, every day a new pimple appeared on my forehead or chin. Even though I tried to avoid picking the pimples, they left behind the post-inflammatory dark mark. After six to eight weeks of consistent skin care, I noticed a change in my skin’s appearance. My dark spots didn’t disappear completely, but my skin looked more balanced. It was smoother and more even and it had avoided any breakouts. It was all great…until my skin began to panic again. A sample of the Deliverance Serum was sent to me around the same time. It contained niacinamide, which is an ingredient that can help soothe and resolve pigmentation problems. I was intrigued by this formula so I decided to try it. It made a huge difference in my skin’s health. Continue reading to learn why.

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My Skin-Care Routine

Without a consistent product that works in conjunction with my obsessive application, I don’t know if the serum would have worked as well. Obsessive is what I mean when I refer to obsessive. It’s amazing that my bedroom has a lot natural light. However, it also meant that I would reach over and apply sunscreen to my face from the moment I opened eyes. I exercise at home in front of the window so I would reapply every few hours. If I knew that I would be out and about all day, I would bring a spray bottle to use over my makeup. This helps prevent future dark spots from developing and can also help to reduce the severity of existing ones.

This was my full AM and PM routine: In the summer, I find adding a face-oil to my routine is an important step to keep my skin from becoming more dry and prone to acne.

What Cannabinoids Can Do for Your Skin

However, the final formula was made with the lowest dose of any three cannabinoid extracts. The study found that the extract significantly reduced inflammation after five days when used once daily. These results are promising, but more research is needed to confirm the anti-inflammatory claims of cannabinoids.

The Feel

It spreads easily on the skin and is quickly absorbed. This means that it won’t leave any greasey residues. It can be used with other products so it won’t cause skin irritation.

The Results

(I only have the serum on my face and have applied a few layers of it to my neck.) I unfortunately don’t have a “before” and “after” picture so you will have to believe that this serum transformed my skin within a matter of weeks. My dark spots started to fade quicker than ever before. My skin texture looked and felt smoother, and my skin’s congestion was significantly reduced. I quickly shared the word with my friends.

This science-backed serum is now a mainstay in my skin-care routine, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The Deliverance Serum is a great choice for anyone suffering from congestion or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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