smiling woman lying on bed while reading magazine

We tried it: The only make-up brand you can sleep in

smiling woman lying on bed while reading magazine

According to skin-care experts, sleeping with your makeup on is one of the most serious beauty sins. The story is familiar: You returns home from a few spicy margaritas and decides that it’s not possible to wash your face properly so you go to bed with all of your makeup on. Sober You wakes up in the morning feeling regretful and anxious that your skin will suffer the effects of your intoxicated behavior.

However, a new makeup brand, Youthforia, is trying to make that overwhelming sense of guilt a thing of the past. Fiona Chan, founder and creator of Youthforia, wanted to create a brand that captured the excitement of nights out but without the guilt. Two makeup products were launched with the line in March: a non-sticky lipstick gloss and a color-changing blush.

But how to create a makeup brand that you can sleep in? Chan says that you just “infuse” the products with skin-loving substances.

BYO Blush

This blush is similar to perfume-just as the scent of a perfume can change from one person to another, so it will have a slightly different hue for everyone. This means you can choose the shade that suits your skin tone, and you won’t have any trouble finding it.

It is formulated like skin-care products. The combination of oils, such as jojoba, avocado, sunflower seed and rosehip seed, and a mixture of plant extracts (think eggplant, aloe and willow bark), work together to moisturize your skin, retain moisture, protect it against free radicals, and moisturize it. Chan claims that after using the blush oil for 2 months, her skin felt smoother and more supple.

My experience

“While I wasn’t down to sleep in blush for two whole months, I was down to test it out for two nights. Each morning, I applied a small amount of blush to my lids and cheeks. Then I used a large fluffy brush and blended it in. The formula was very lightweight and buildable. This blush exceeded my expectations. It was luminous and full-coverage. The formula also seemed to work with my skin, rather than against it. It melted into my skin without any creasing, pilling, or caking. I think the lip gloss could double as a tinted moisturizer. The formula is non-sticky and buttery so application is easy. The plant-based oils and antioxidants in the formula make your lips soft and moisturized.”

After sleeping in the makeup for two nights, I can’t say for sure that my skin was entirely transformed, but it did feel soft and smooth, probably due to the oils in the formula. My skin looked great, and I’m certain it didn’t look any worse. This is a big win for me considering that I usually wake up with my makeup on and my skin looks dry and rough after I go to sleep.

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