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Cover FX’s First Ever Clean Mascara Was Tested

woman in white tank top

Even though my natural lashes are very curly, I still want a formula that adds volume and lengthens them. It also gives me a curl that doesn’t clump or flake. It’s not much I want.

Power Flex Mascara is a big challenge for clean beauty brands, especially vegan ones, to formulate mascaras. It’s why we have turned a side-eye at a lot of clean mascara formulations in the past. We want something that will last me through all the hard work, sweaty dance floors, and hot New York rooftops. How can you make a mascara that doesn’t leave you feeling drained after just a few hours?

Well, for Cover FX, the key to formulating a clean mascara that was volumizing, lengthening, and long-wearing was through a combination of lash-conditioning Moringa oil, a vegan wax blend, and sweat-proof polymers that all work in tandem. The conditioning formula contains Moringa oil. This ingredient is rich in fatty acids and nutrients that moisturize and nourish your lashes. The vegan wax blend enhances the lengthening effects of the mascara and keeps them clump-free. Finally, the low-key polymers act as the glue. It’s almost like Anthony Davis for the Lakers. He’s not the star of the show but they wouldn’t be able win without him. The adhering polymers increase the volume and length of your lashes while keeping them in place for a long-lasting lift effect.

The brush is dual-sided: on one side of the wand, you’ll find a double-rowed silicone comb that deposits the glossy black formula at the base of your lashes to create volume and on the other side, there’s fiber bristles that lift your lashes from the root and comb through them to create a voluminous, fanned-out effect. You may prefer a bold, dramatic look. Start with the comb side, apply from root to tip. Then flip to the fiber brush side, and move the wand from your base to the top. This will give you lashes that would make Bambi green with envy. To add more layers, switch to the comb side. Swipe the wand from mid-length to tips of your lashes with the wand.

For those who want a more subtle, everyday mascara look, you’re going to want to stick to the fiber brush side of the wand and use a zig-zag motion from root to tips to enhance the look of your natural lashes. It gave volume and sculpted eyelashes with just a few strokes. It was able to curl lashes even in extreme humidity. CoverFX’s formula is lighter than other mascaras. It doesn’t feel like wearing mascara until  checked in the mirror. No matter how many coats used, lashes were light and airy. They never looked spidery. The formula didn’t irritate at all.

In terms of first impressions, it was love at first sight. The dual-sided brush is also a great tool. This mascara is also great for natural-looking lashes. This mascara will suit any style.

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