make up brushes and make up brushes

The Biggest Make-up Trends to Expect in 2022

make up brushes and make up brushes

The coronavirus pandemic left behind a legacy of ashes and makeup rose again in 2021. We all reluctantly tried to re-enter the makeup waters, dipping our toes into tinted moisturizers and lightweight mascaras. The next year will be an entirely different story. People are choosing makeup that is more natural than they were in the past two years. They want texture, shine and bold colors to rebel against a makeup-free lifestyle at home. Our trend forecast for next year shows this.

We searched the internet for the latest products, scanned through social media endlessly, and polled our favorite makeup artists to find the top 2022 trends in makeup. We’re about to discover how to make a big difference with very little effort.

  • Bases with light and luminosity

Simple makeup looks are timeless and Tommy Napoli, a makeup artist insists that skinimalism will not be going away in 2022. He explains that people’s priorities have changed after COVID-19. At least, for their daily makeup routines. Many are still looking for an alternative to Instagram’s heavy, layered and powdery makeup after having spent most of time doing that. Delina Medhin, a makeup artist, agrees: “I see that people are wearing less complexion [makeup] overall.”

We are thankful that no one wants to have to go back to mixing their full-coverage foundations every day for 10 minutes. We’d rather sacrifice visible texture, discoloration and blemishes in favor of products that are more easy to use and far more comfortable, such as Cle Cosmetics CCC Cream and Estee Lauder Double-Wear Sheer Long-Wear Makeup.

If Lavonne, the makeup artist, is correct, we’ll also be wearing less intense highlighters. The trend for wet-looking dolphin skin is still very popular, but she says that “luminous” finishes, which are not matte or extremely dewy but somewhere in between, are on the rise. She explains that “Runway makeup trends dictate the next year’s makeup trends, and the Spring shows had elements of these,” she says. (She’s correct — take a look above at John Richmond’s Spring/Summer 2022 Milan Fashion Week show.)

Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo, Lavonne says, it is ideal for that glowing glow from within. Ilia Beauty’s Liquid Light Serum Highlighter by Ilia Beauty, a favorite of Allure editors, gives a subtle shimmer that looks exactly like candlelight.

  • Complexion Multitaskers

People are looking for natural products that provide some skin benefits, such as sun protection, hydration or oil control. Multitasking makeup is now a huge market. Napoli says that any product that can color-correct the skin and improves its health is multitasking.

MdSolarSciences MineralBB Cream is a good example. It is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which doubles as a primer. It also gives a slight tint. It blurs well, especially when photographed. This product has been a favorite of mine and my clients. Medhin prefers Ami Cole Skin Enhancing Tint for its lightweight coverage and natural skin appearance. It contains moisturizing pumpkin seeds extract, stabilizing magnesium, and barrier-balancing Glycerin.

  • Get Throwback Lip Looks

Although “It’s 2022” may seem a bit futuristic, lipstick will actually take us back to the 1990s. Medhin declares that lip liner will be around for a long time. I think defined lips will become a huge trend. In 2021, the popular combination of a light lipstick and deep lipliner was still in fashion. It is expected to reappear soon. Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat Lip Liner, Pillow Talk is a favorite product of Medhin for creating the look. It’s a classic, we think. Lavonne says that matte lipsticks will be replaced by lip glosses and other slick formulas.

The glossy, rich, and brown lipsticks worn by supermodels of the 1990s will also be making a comeback in 2022. Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey by Clinique, a 1970s-launched shade that was relaunched in 1989 and popularized in 1989, has been selling nonstop due to a resurgence of TikTok.

There have been new shades that are similar to red-brown hybrids like Glossier Ultralip in Ember and Ogee Sculpted Lip Oils in Viola. Napoli claims he uses them as a Black Honey substitute. These sheer throwback shades are what attract people. “They fall right in line with the skinimalist look because they’re a could-be-or-couldn’t-be kind of lipstick look,” he explains.

  • Statement Eyes

The Euphoria effect is still alive and well. Napoli and Lavonne both name high-impact eye makeup looks, whether they are sparkly, graphic or colorful, as a major trend to watch for in the next year. As Lavonne has shown, beauty trends often start on runways and then trickle down to celebrities and influencers. Bold eye makeup was a common trend at the Fashion Weeks of Spring/Summer 2022. Alexandra Moura, Rodarte and Weinsanto are just a few examples.

  • Purple Blush

TikTok’s equivalent to living under a rock is not being on it. So if you don’t have access to TikTok trends such as purple blush, then that’s on them. For their unique vibe and universally flattering effect, cream and powder formulas in shades like plum, violet and lavender are popular across the app.

Fenty Beauty has released two new products in the late 2021. The Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush Liquid Blush Matte Deep Berry and Drama Cla$$ Freestyle Cream Blush. We think purple is the new pink. If you see similar eye shadows, lipsticks and hair colors appearing all over 2022, don’t be surprised.

  • Offbeat Brows

There have been many eyebrow trends this year, including colorblocked eyebrows, bleached eyebrows, and eyebrow slits. But the one that has the longest staying power is disco brows. This TikTok-viral trend was popularized by Megs Carill, as shown above. Disco brows can be described as soap brows that have a bit of pigment added. They are so popular, beauty brands such as Halsey’s About-Face created products exclusively for them (Fractal Glitter Brow gel), giving new life to this trend through 2022.

It’s not surprising, given that Napoli predicts we will be trying to increase texture throughout the year. He explains that Shine has been a major moment in the past decade and that we are now looking for bigger, more festive and confident textures. A prime example is colorful disco brows.

  • Stick Formulas

Stick format makes everything easier — sunscreen, deodorant and face masks — and makeup is no exception. Consumers are looking for quick makeup solutions and turning to stick makeup like foundations, blushes or highlighters. He explains that stick blush is the hottest product this year. “Pixi By Petra’s new cream blush, On the Glow comes in three new shades and is available in a twist-up stick format for more casual makeup users or beginners.” Colorescience Sunforgettable Color Balm with SPF 50 is another multi-tasker that protects skin.

Undone’s Beauty Water Bronzer also went viral recently on TikTok due to its simple stick format and sheer finish. Other stick-format favorites include CoverGirl Fresh Cooling Glow Stick and Byredo’s Colour Stick.

No matter where your makeup preferences lie, you can still be trendy in 2022. We salute those who are ready to get out of bed and apply tinted moisturizer.

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