person holding white and black striped shirt

Check Your Wardrobe if You Have All These Basics

person holding white and black striped shirt

Always in Season

  • Black tank

While a white tank is great for casual occasions or at the gym, a black tank is better. You can dress it up with dark jeans, or a skirt.

  • White T-shirt with short sleeves

White tees quickly become unwearable, so avoid expensive designer versions and instead buy several good-looking affordable ones. Replace as necessary.

  • Black T-shirt with short sleeves

A short-sleeve that is 1/2 inch to 1 inch longer than a standard cap sleeve will give you the perfect amount of arm.

  • White T-shirt with long sleeves

A slim-fit T-shirt with a low cut that skims your skin but doesn’t cling will give you a sleek silhouette in white.

  • Black T-shirt with long sleeves

This is a sophisticated layering piece that looks great under a dress shirt or even a dress.

  • Black turtleneck

Cashmere is a great investment: It provides warmth and bulk without sacrificing any weight.

  • White button-down shirt, one cotton, and one silky

The most wear will be given to fitted ones: They are easier to tuck in, and they look neat when left out.

  • Blouse in crisp white

A white blouse, which is more soft-looking than a button down, is timeless and a great addition to any wardrobe.

  • Crewneck sweater

For versatility and comfort, thin knits in wool or cotton can be layered easily.

  • Cardigan

A neutral color goes with everything. A longer style that hits the hip flatters most bodies.

  • A black dress

The “little black gown” is not a cliché for a reason. It’s a wardrobe necessity.

  • Pencil skirt

This timeless piece should be tailored to reach the knees.

  • Jeans

Jeans that fit well and are flatter will be worth the extra cost. Your best bet? The best pair of boots is a dark, bootcut pair of stretch denim with less than 2 percent Lycra. The fabric will conform to your curves and keep its shape.

  • Black pants

For the best results, choose a style made from an all-season fabric like viscose or tropical wool to get the most out of this wardrobe staple.

  • Skinny jeans

They were once a fashion trend but are now a staple in denim. They look best when skinny jeans don’t hug the waist.

  • Khaki pants

You can go casual and comfortable with a flat front.

  • Denim jacket

The most polished look is a dark wash and a slim fitting suit.

  • Cropped jacket

This item was made famous by Coco Chanel. This item can be paired with a solid or traditional color tweed more often.

  • Black cashmere wrap

Fabrics that were once only seen in autumn and winter are now all year long.

  • Ballet flats in a neutral or versatile red

Ballet flats are both sophisticated and practical. They’re more comfortable than sneakers, but they’re also easier on the feet.

  • Pumps in basic black

A good black pump is the workhorse shoe. It can be worn from day to night without losing a step.

  • Evening shoes in metallic colors

Strappy sandals and metallic pumps are the best shoes to make you party-ready.

The Fall Basics

  • Cotton waffle robe

This robe looks great over pajamas, or after a shower. It is also much lighter than its terrycloth cousin.

  • The tuxedo blouse

It is the ultimate day-to night top and has a crisp, modern quality that makes it great for multitasking.

  • Fleece vest

A vest is great over a turtleneck, or peeking out under a jacket. It offers versatility and adaptability in unpredictable autumn weather.

  • Athletic sweatshirt

It’s as comfortable as a flannel top, but appropriate for public wear.

  • Waterproof, lightweight coat

This versatile item is ideal for travel and looks great with any skirt.

  • Khaki trench coat

It’s elegant and structured, a true classic.

  • Leather blazer

A trim leather jacket adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit. You’re ready for anything with a scarf.

  • Peacoat

Peacoats are no longer limited to navy blue. They come in many colors and lengths.

  • Flat boots (black, brown)

Styles that are knee-high work well with everything, from full skirts to A-line dresses and narrow silhouettes, as well as full skirts.

  • Black booties or heeled boots

High-heeled boots can be worn from fall to winter. Ankle-grazing boots are somewhere in the middle of boots and pumps, and can be a stylish option to either.

Winter basics

  • Heavy sweater

A large, chunky knit is both stylish and comfortable.

  • Cashmere hoodie

This layering piece, which is more luxurious than the cotton version, is a sportier cardigan.

  • Jeans in dark wash

This versatile wardrobe staple is perfect for winter. It comes in many different cuts. Boot-cut and wide-leg styles can be worn over boots.

  • Pantsuit

To show your business, wear the jacket and pants together. Or treat them as separates to maximize their usage.

  • Gray flannel pants

These stylish standards are great with black, brown, and navy–as well as brights.

  • Wool trousers

A lined pair of gabardine wool socks, with a twill weave that doesn’t feel heavy, is a good choice.

  • Vest made of down

It looks best when it is neutral in color, such as brown, black or navy. You can also wear it with any other color.

  • Black cashmere wrap coat

This elegant piece can be worn at either the calf or fingertip height.

  • Winter coat

A winter coat, whether fur-trimmed, down or wool, should have enough space to hold a sweater or jacket.

Spring Basics

  • Cotton polo

It is more tailored than a T shirt and offers cool comfort even on the most sticky days.

  • Cotton blouse

A springtime essential that is airy and appealing.

  • Tops printed

Spring basics can be given a bold, colorful makeover with a few boldly patterned pieces.

  • Lightweight cashmere sweater

Cashmere single-ply offers comfort in air-conditioned offices and cinemas.

  • Cotton button-up cardigan

Combining the softness and elegance of a sweatshirt with the sophistication of a cashmere cardigan.

  • Raincoat lightweight and waterproof

It is lightweight and easy to carry, protecting you from the unpredictable spring skies.

  • One-button blazer

A jacket made of lightweight-wool or cotton is a tightly-knit layer that can be removed as the temperature rises.

  • Inverted pleat skirt

It looks equally good with a tailored button down shirt as with a tank, but it can also be paired with jackets for a professional look.

  • Capri pants

These low-heeled bottoms look great paired with ballet flats or strappy shoes.

  • Chinos

Comfortable, durable cotton pants that look good in the office.

Summer basics

  • Swimsuit

An elegant, well-fitting, one- or two-piece in a go anywhere color such as black, white, and navy is never out of fashion.

  • Convertible bralette

This undergarment is adjustable and looks natural underneath a strapless, tank or halter dress.

  • Cotton pajamas

This pair of pretty, patterned pants can be used as loungewear or sleepwear.

  • Built-in bra tank

This tank provides support and coverage, without visible bra straps. It can be worn at work or on the weekends under a sweater or jacket.

  • Tank made of ribbed cotton

These shirts were originally made for men but are now available in a range of sizes that can be worn by women. You can choose the one that best suits your body. It works well under a suit jacket or alone.

  • Cotton blouse

You can choose from a range colors and different prints when choosing a lightweight top.

  • Cotton printed dress

Even in high humidity, you can still be comfortable.

  • Strapless dress

A white one will highlight a great tan. But black, navy and camel are also excellent choices.

  • Khaki shorts

Khaki shorts are the summer’s equivalent to air-conditioning. They keep you cool and comfortable while looking sharp.

  • Cotton drawstring pants

You can go from yoga class to lunch with friends in a good pair of shoes.

  • White jeans

White jeans are available in many styles and look great with any warm-weather top.

  • Flat leather sandals

Flat sandals can be worn with almost any clothing, from jeans to shorts to skirts to bathing suits to flowing skirts to full length swimwear. You can also sub in slippers for minimal packing.

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