man holding his gray cardigan

Trends in Men’s Fashion 2022

man holding his gray cardigan

We’ve seen many styles change as we have been a website that keeps an eye on men’s fashion trends. We’ve seen everything, from drainpipe jeans to polo-shirts with blazers.

2022 is another great year for men’s fashion, with everything from classic pieces like preppy cardigans or argyle knitwear to bold prints and maximalist colours.

Here are the top trends for this year.


The cardigan has been a favorite of ours for many years. It is a significant part of our history, both on and off the course.

In 2022, the preppy look will be very popular and the cardigan will take center stage. The cardigan can be worn as an easy layering piece in winter, but it can also be worn as a warm, casual option for summer nights in place of an overshirt.

Start creating your preppy look now. The perfect place to start is mohair cardigan collaboration. The pieces are made in Italy and come in single colors or argyle-patterned silhouettes. You can customize this trend to suit your needs.


The gilet is next in men’s fashion for 2022. It can be worn as an outer layer or as a midlayer. You can choose from a variety of styles including the Casuals Double Zip Packable Gilet or the Wadded Down Gilet. Because of their warmth and practicality, wadded pieces are a long-standing favorite.

Bright colors and bold patterns

Brighter and bolder colours are back in fashion for 2022 after last year’s sea of natural and neutral tones in menswear.

Bold colours such as vibrant blues and greens as well as striking yellows or oranges will be in fashion this year. Bold patterns will be a fashion trend for 2022. Mixing clashing colours and maximalist designs are the best options.

The Scott Glitch Print Tshirt is the ideal example of a maximalist piece. It features vertical and horizontal stripes. This tee is sure to be a hit with everyone.

Stuarts of London has a collaboration that allows you to mix bright colours and preppy clothes. This nostalgic collaboration includes argyle-patterned pieces available in vibrant pink, sky, and yellow colorways.

Sustainable dressing

People are becoming more conscious of where their clothing comes from and how it is being used. This is in response to increased environmental protection efforts. For 2022, another major trend is to dress more sustainably.

Capsule wardrobes, with smaller collections of essential pieces that can be mixed and matched easily, are on the rise amongst the fashion and sustainability-conscious alike. Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe.

What’s next?

You now know what men’s fashion trends you should be watching for in 2022. Which one will you be wearing? You can find more style advice in our other articles about style and fashion.

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