white framed brown lens sunglasses

These are the 5 must-have eyeglasses styles to buy this season

white framed brown lens sunglasses

There are many options for everyone, no matter what budget or face shape. You may not be aware that optical styles go through trends. Designer frames are becoming more popular, and so is the importance of eyeglasses.

You might be familiar with the latest trends in sunglasses 2022, but it’s not only sunnies that are in fashion. Prescription eyeglasses have also been gaining popularity. The eyeglasses trends 2022 can be used to change up your look. Your eyeglasses are more than a functional piece. They should be a finishing touch to your look. Many designers and stylists suggest that you build a capsule wardrobe with glasses for different occasions. This will make them as versatile as the best jewelry brands.

We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming fashion trends for 2022, and each season we see new trends in eyeglasses. We are often inspired by what’s on the runway and seeing bold styles in the shops. This is a great time to get dressed up and invest in our wardrobes again. Eyeglasses are complementary curtains that enhance your natural assets, since eyes are the window to the soul. You will see clearly and your facial features will be enhanced by the right glasses. Think about the way you use your glasses. For work, you may prefer a more sharp and angular pair, while for weekends, you might want something more refined, embellished, or directional.


If you are looking for new frames, here are eyeglasses trends in 2022. Many of these trends will be compatible with designer sunglasses. If you already own the best designer sunglasses, you can use your favorites to guide you through these updated silhouettes.


The retro-classic cat-eye frame is a timeless classic that suits almost all faces. Experts agree that this is one of the most important eyeglasses trends for 2022.

Natasha Luthra explained that “cat-eye optics are having a moment in women’s fashion.” Brands are focusing on classic shapes and colors, such as black, tortoiseshell and demure light blues, and red. This is a sign of times changing.

This trend isn’t limited to designer frames. Bianca Swan is a Specsavers frame stylist. She says, “The cat eye style is a bold look that wins every single time, so I’m happy to see it back as a fashion staple for 2022.” Triangular tips are a great choice for most face shapes, particularly those with a defined jawline. Cat-eye glasses emphasize your brow arch, drawing focus to your highest points. This is a great way for you to add some fun to your everyday style.

Style tip

Pay attention to the size of your frames when choosing your style. Frames with strong brow lines, such as full-rim cat-eye shapes, will add width to your narrower top half.

A cat’s eye style eyeglasses with interesting wingtip details like diamante or an exaggerated tip can add interest. This retro-inspired style will look great with your favorite midi dresses. These glasses have a more sophisticated look, but can also be worn daily. They are great for what to wear at the races and to Wimbledon.


Although thick rimmed glasses may have once been associated with bookish nerds, they are now a popular choice among celebrity eyewear wearers. Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Banks and Gwyneth paltrow all sport geek chic. Marie Wilkinson Style Director Cutler & Gross, who noted their popularity partly due to lockdown: “Some people want more angular frames to sharpen profiles that have become softer with lockdown.”

Style tip

You don’t want to look too black if you are worried about the frame washing out. Instead, choose thick-framed glasses in lighter shades like navy or dark red. Or, you can opt for colored or clear frames with the same shape. Think about the shape of your face when choosing thick-rimmed frames. Rounder faces may benefit from more angular frames.

This style has a strong and striking look that is great for those times when you need to boost your confidence.


Even though they are the most delicate style, wire frames glasses can be difficult to see, especially when they are worn in classic metallic colors like yellow or rose gold. This creates the illusion that the wearer is ‘naked’.

Luthra shares that this is one the top eyeglasses trends in 2022. Many top brands endorse the look.

Style tip

Because wire frames don’t fit all prescriptions, they are not suitable for thicker lenses. This style might not be suitable for those with stronger prescriptions, such as varifocals. Ask your optician.


Invisible frames have been a popular alternative to traditional eyeglasses for many years. Clear acetate frames and pastel frames are very in-style right now. Luthra explains that this look is rooted in another trend.

“2022 is an evolution of dainty and oversized eyewear, as seen at Prada. But what’s a little surprise is the transparent theme, Arnette. Emporio Armani. Oliver Peoples. And Tiffany & Co. With this trend, it has really given opticals a fresh look.”

Simon Jablon is the Creative Director at Linda Farrow luxury glasses brand. He says that soft hues are expected to be most popular this year. ‘For 2022, we focused on a soft pastel trend in our hero Acetate styles, leading with a lavender and peach colour palette.’

Style tip

Wilkinson suggests that you choose ‘iceblue, pink, and Granny chic’ for trendy frames. Popular colors include deep transparents such as warm Rhubarb or cool aviator, and colors that fade like the grey fade and honey burst. For summer events, lighter frames are best.


Ex-J Crew Queen Jenna Lyons swapped her chunky frames for sleek, ’70s-inspired vintage-style aviators. Sarah Jessica Parker also wore a similar pair to read-throughs on Just Like That. This means that you can too dress up like Carrie Bradshaw, starting with one accessory.

Style tip

Go oversized, for a statement, retro look. Wilkinson recommends getting oversized prescription glasses to keep up with the fashion. “Oversized frames are refreshing because they offer large uninterrupted fields of vision.” This look has a vintage, ’70s feel that is perfect for anyone wondering “What is boho style?” Work out how to incorporate the bohemian spirit into your modern wardrobe.

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