Trending: Victorinox Pioneer

If you’re looking for the knife, this is the one! The Victorinox Pioneer is one of the most famous Swiss army knives. These Pioneers are compact and don’t have unneeded different tools. You’ll always have the right amount of tools with you.

Measuring 3.7″ when closed, it comes equipped with 7 useful tools including a large blade, can opener, wire stripper, and a reamer. The Pioneer is a great option if you like the Cadet, but need more space.

The Pioneer has larger blades and the reamer replaces the nail file. This is useful if you have to poke new holes in belts or open packages. This tool is useful for prodding and poking, saving your blades from any damage and allowing you to use them for precise work. It is also ideal for everyday use, thanks to its hardy embossed aluminum weights with anodic oxygenation.

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