person holding light in milky way

Trending: Olight Pro Warrior M2R

person holding light in milky way

The Olight Pro Warrior M2R is the new and improved M2R, with a Turbo output bumped up to 1,800 lumens from 1,500 and almost double the beam intensity from a Cree XHP35 HI LED.

The M2R retains its dimensions and weight, but it is powered by a 5,000mAh 21700 battery that can provide up to 1,200 hours on the 1-lumen Low. The magnetic tail dock design is the same, but it now delivers a 2A current. Charging is still done in the same magnetic style.

For better grip and aggressive crenelated beads, the aluminum alloy body has a pronounced knurling design. Although the tail switch has been redesigned, it is still very silent and allows tail standing. However, it has been raised to make activation easier. The side switch is located towards the head and can be used to cycle through the modes. A twist of the tail will activate lockout, which prevents accidental activation while transporting.

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