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white and black plastic toy

There’s lots to love about Apple’s noise-cancelling true-wireless earbuds. With their shorter, less visible stems and the introduction of active noise canceling technology into the mix, Apple’s new should be your truly-wireless earbuds of choice if you’re an iPhone user, as they are a worthy step up from the previous generation.

The fit is a big issue for some people: one-size-fits-all might be the approach, but for some people the AirPods simply don’t fit at all. And while some appreciate the non-invasive fit, the complete lack of noise-isolation makes them ill-suited to certain scenarios. The AirPods Pros generally stay in the ears well when running. They are so light (5.4g each) and comfortable that they can give the impression of not being secure, but they refuse to budge in action.

The latest wireless earbuds feature state-of-the-art noise cancellation and transparency. They also have silicone tips that can be used with larger ears and a more compact design.

Divisive though the original AirPods are, they have certainly been a hit. In fact, Apple claims they’re the most popular headphones in the world.

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