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7 Most Beautiful Models in the World

woman dancing on white stage background

Fashion, like every other industry requires people to manage it. Because they are both the face and heart of the industry, models not only show what it has to give but also help it grow. Modeling isn’t as simple as people think. Models can only understand all the challenges involved.

Recently, there have been reports about models being subject to sexual harassment. Surprisingly though, models have remained strong and smiled at the cameras to capture stunning photos that are loved by all. We will be looking at the 7 most beautiful models in the world. Continue reading.

Fei Fei Sun

Although her real name is Sun Fei Fei, fashion fans call her Fei Fei Sun. Her story is probably the most interesting before she got into modeling and became one of the top in the industry. She was not enrolled in a modeling school to become one, but to improve her posture.

She was inspired by her experiences in modeling school to decide to study it further at university. She was the first Asian woman to be featured on a cover of Vogue Italia in 2013, marking her breakthrough.

She also appeared in American Vogue 2014, which was a dream come true for any top model. She has also appeared in several campaigns for various brands, and is now Asia’s top model.

Cara Delevingne

Many people don’t believe she is a good model after her appearance in the suicide squad. Burberry was the first to give her the opportunity to walk for them in 2012. She walked on major stages like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as a new model.

Unfortunately, she gave up modeling in 2015 after citing stress as the reason she made such strict decisions. She made a comeback with Burberry in 2018, and is modeling sometimes now.

Jourdan Dunn

Dunn, unlike the other two, is relatively new to modelling. She has established herself in the industry for a short time. At just 17, she began her career by walking for large brands that few models have had the opportunity to work with.

She has also been a part of many Vogues covers. This includes all the brands she has represented over the years.

She is an ambassador for Sickle Cell disease, even though she hasn’t started a modeling and acting agency for beginners. After her son was diagnosed with the disease, she began raising awareness and volunteering for charity.

Naomi Campbell

She is a model that every model should strive to be. She rose through the ranks of modeling in the 80s, 90s, and finally made her breakthrough with French Vogue’s cover. She was the first black woman to appear in the magazine.

She was featured again in American Vogue a year later. This magazine was the biggest release of the year. Some critics suggested that Campbell was given favors due to her skin color, but Naomi Campbell dismissed these claims.

She spoke with the guardian once and said how hard it was for black women to climb the ranks. She suggested that it took extra effort to get what she wanted.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber, although she is new to modeling, has been there for a while. Her family is well-known all over the world. She was instantly recognized by most people when she appeared on stage for the first time.

2014 was her first runway appearance. She walked for Topshop, a British company.

She is a well-known celebrity who has been featured on Vogue covers and has participated in New York Fashion Week. She was also popularized when she married Justin Bieber, a celebrated music star. Months later she was the face of Levi’s Jeans.

Miranda Kerr

Like many other models on this list, she has many firsts. Miranda started modelling in her teens, but Miranda’s journey was much more extensive than most models. She was 12 when she won the Dolly Model Search.

Many in Australia would call her the “Queen of Modeling” and an inspiration for aspiring models. She signed her first American deal with Maybelline. She was later the first Australian model to be crowned Victoria’s Secret angel. She was Australia’s first pregnant model to appear on Vogue in 2011.

Adrianna Lima

In 1999, she began her career as a model for Victoria’s Secret. In 2018, she walked last for the brand. After representing the brand on 20 major stages, she left behind a huge map.

In 2019, she made a surprising return to runway. She worked for brands like PUMA, Maybelline and the Miu Miu Cruise campaign.

With new models joining the industry and other models returning to the scene, the modelling industry is on the rise. While some models choose to return to modeling after taking breaks, others may decide to open a modelling or acting agency.

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