woman wearing black and gray glittered V-neck long-sleeved dress with both hands on head

When, Where and How to Wear Glitter Outfits

woman wearing black and gray glittered V-neck long-sleeved dress with both hands on head

Glitter is not a pattern and can be a little uncomfortable on the skin if it’s not attached to the right fabric. It’s still a fashion trend that is alive and well, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next! These top ten tips will help you to properly wear glitter to keep up with the ever-popular fashion trend!

10. You can get your skin irritated by sequins

Rule number 1 – Never wear glitter too close to your skin. This will ruin your entire night. After a while, you’ll want the dress to be taken off. With sequins your skin can easily get irritated. Itchy skin can make it difficult to wear glitter. But there is a way around!

This is a crucial tip. Keep a distance between your skin and the glitter. The sequins should only be on the outer portion of your dress. You need to have a soft, but sturdy inner fabric to hold the sequins in place. You shouldn’t compromise your peace to achieve a beautiful look.

9. They look the best in dresses

The best way to wear shimmer is in a one-piece dress. Sparkly dresses can be jaw-dropping and draw attention to anyone in the room. They love interesting patterns so glitter is a common choice.

They are best worn with a high neckline and a short length to give them sexiness and sophistication. They sparkle with or without sleeves so this outfit is great for special occasions. The dress shines enough without jewelry!

8. Or as Tops

Although dresses were the most popular option, there are other options. Glitter on tight tops is a favorite accessory for girls who wear them at parties. These tops are a common outfit for many girls, so they can be found in almost every boutique that sells them. They’re also very affordable.

These tops are not itchy as they have usually only glitter on the outer parts. This is something you should be aware of when shopping for them. Even if a dress is glittery from the top, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. For example, a dress can have a glitter top with a tulle bottom. This is a fantastic combination!

7. It can be combined with a non-glittery piece

We mentioned the sparkle tops and regular bottoms, but you can also combine glitter tops with a subtler piece. If the outfit is a matching one, you can combine two glittery pieces. It would be excessive and make your look seem cheap.

You can mix glitter tights, which is a popular trend these days. Or you can just buy a basic top at a bargain price. You shouldn’t mix colors too much. It’s best to stick with monochromatic combinations or two colors.

6. When? Glitter works best at night

Glitter isn’t an everyday type of pattern so there’s only one right answer to “when?” This look is difficult to achieve on the street, so we would rather save those sequins for a night and opt for something simpler when out walking.

Glitter is different than any other style because it has an attractive, natural glow. Why waste the opportunity to glow under city lights or at disco balls? You’ll love letting your glitter shine at night, and you won’t want to stop once you have tried it!

5. How? It’s easy to wear it with confidence

There are many answers to “when” but there is only one for “how”. Confidence is key to wearing bold and eye-catching clothes. You’ll shine when you feel confident. Glitter can do its job on its own but you must smile and feel good about it.

Confidence is like love. It’s something you can’t hide when it takes over you. Because that’s how you feel about yourself. You feel confident when you are wearing the right clothes for you. It will make you feel confident, so let people see the fit!

4. Add some glitter to your photoshoot

Are you taking extra care of your clothes when you are about to take pictures? Your clothes will determine how great your photos turn out. A sequin jacket or glitter dress can make outdoor shots look amazing in the evening.

Glitter will add excitement to your photos, no matter if it’s your wedding day or a regular photoshoot on Instagram. Professional photographers are skilled at adjusting the light and angles to match your sparkling outfit. This will be one of your favourite photos.

3. Where? Parties all the way!

Parties were mentioned before, so we’ll just reiterate it. Parties offer the best opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll make new friends, meet new people and learn to dance like no one’s watching. There will also be plenty of opportunities to have fun with your partner.

You’ll be able to wear things that you don’t normally wear and have the opportunity to experiment with them. No one will ever say that you are too dressed or that you did not choose the right outfit. Glitter cocktail dresses are always a fun option!

2. This is a must-have for New Year’s Eve

Shops and fashion designers often only show one type of outfit when New Year’s Eve approaches. You can’t help but notice that sequins have taken over all the boutiques in your local area. That offer is too tempting for us!

New Year’s Eve is not unlike other occasions where you can wear partywear. It gives us more reason to shine from head to foot because we are celebrating new beginnings, and starting a new chapter in our lives.

1. Glitter can show off your happiness and make you happy

Your outfit can have a significant impact on how people perceive you. Therefore, you need to choose clothes that make you feel happy. It’s sometimes the little things that help us overcome stress and everyday struggles that we need, such as clothes.

Glitter has one of the best positive effects because it instantly brings back happy memories of good times and exciting times. This pattern brings back the best times and most enjoyable moments of life. You won’t regret buying another glitter dress, and combining it with glitter makeup.

It’s okay to avoid glitter, or just not be a fan of it. We are sure you will be even more obsessed with these top ten lists. You won’t be hesitant to wear glitter outfits on any occasion.

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