woman in red leather jacket standing near brown trees during daytime

This shocking Tomato Soup Red color is suddenly everywhere

woman in red leather jacket standing near brown trees during daytime

It can be difficult to spot the beginning of fashion trends even if you follow celebrities and are a regular user of social media. There are so many. Balletcore is a niche aesthetic, but the rise of staples such as black pants and layered tops can be more subtle.

The rise in tomato soup red has been almost impossible to miss. It’s a bright shade that is everywhere right now, and it makes a stark contrast to the dreary colors of winter and the pastels associated with spring. It reminds me of the soup between SpaghettiOs. This is a wonderful, nostalgic treat.

Perhaps it’s a subliminal message from Elmo, whose funny Sesame Street rants about a rock called Rocco continue to gain traction at TikTok. Maybe we are tired of all the neutrals and navys that have invaded our wardrobes over the last two years. This vibrant, bold color can be used in many ways to add some flair to your outfits.

The best news is that you may already have a few tomato soup red items, so you can just shop your closet and save some money.

This vibrant color has been seen on everyone from Miley Cyrus to Rihanna over the last few months. It’s a trend that we think is worth investing in for next year.

This shade of red is associated with winter holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. It’s a versatile shade that you can wear all year. This shade shines best in summertime.

It’s perfect for nights out. Red will stand out among the sea of dark colors and other ‘going out’ colors. It’s also classically sexy, romantic, and perfect for date nights (even Kanye).

Tomato Soup Red is a Favorite on the Red Carpet. Although it isn’t as common as lime green, bright red shades always stand out on red carpets. It’s already expected to be a favorite during Fashion Week and Awards Season, particularly since Zendaya is already wearing it to press events.

There is no wrong way to wear this bright color. You can wear it as a dress, a jacket, or sunglasses.

Get started with some footwear. Although we love black boots and white sneakers, it’s not hard to see how a red shoe could instantly elevate an outfit and make it more fashionable. You can go wild with animal prints and a muppet head like Emily Ratajkowski.

…Or Even Accessories. If you’re still skeptical, start small. You can make a classic outfit stand out with a tomato soup red bag, earrings or sunglasses.

Monochromatic Works. This is the more sophisticated way to wear this shade. You will be hard to miss from head to toe. Colorblocking is also a favorite of ours, so you can pair your red pieces with something brighter, like a baby pink, yellow or bright blue. These are all street style favorites.

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