person taking photo of assorted vinyl album

Tom Morello taps Phantogram to New “Driving To Texas Single”

person taking photo of assorted vinyl album

Tom Morello has reached out to Phantogram, a New York-based electric duo, for a new single. The second single from Morello’s forthcoming The Atlas Underground Fire album is “Driving To Texas”. It’s an eerie, almost ethereal track that features haunting lyrics by Sarah Barthel and a melody written by Morello. The production was done by Josh Carter, Barthel’s Phantogram partner.

Morello takes his time at 4:30 and finishes the song with one his trademark soaring solos. “The guitar solo had to feel like a vengeful angel, who has come down and decided the fate of the protagonist. Will they fall into the abyss, or will they find their redemption?” Morello says.

Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Audioslave’s and Prophets of Rage’s guitarist, explained how the collaboration with Phantogram came about. He said, “I had worked with Josh from Phantogram for my first Atlas Underground album, and I was thrilled when he approached me about collaborating on this record.”

“This song is as creepy and dark as hell. It’s a dark journey, a struggle to a tortured spirit… Sarah’s voice is haunting and beautiful, and Josh’s production is so fresh and eerie that it’s almost unbelievable.”

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