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TikTok’s viral hair color is “Vanilla almond butter”

woman standing on focus photography

The newest social media trend is “Vanilla almond Butter”, with TikTok leading the charge. However, this trend, contrary to its name, doesn’t contain any edible ingredients. The name of the hair color that’s going to be the big hit of summer is actually “Vanilla almond butter”, a blonde shade that’s popular among young users on the social network.

Social media is fast and everything happens quickly. One video can become a trend in just a few hours, making it viral. This is exactly what’s happening with “vanilla almond butter”, a trend that some media outlets, including Glamour UK, attribute to Chrissy Rasmussen, a hairstylist/influencer.

The trend was launched by two videos that each last only a few seconds. It seems that “vanilla almond butter”, the new hair color, is set to become the hottest.

The American social media user was initially present on Instagram and TikTok and presented a variety of hair extensions with gourmet names including “vanilla almond cake” and “vanilla almond butter”. But, thanks to numerous posts and viewers’ immediate infatuation, this shade emerged as the most popular summer hair colour 2022.

TikTok posted a video in April that highlights several shades, including the famous vanilla almond butter. It has been viewed more than 4.5 millions times and received a lot of enthusiastic comments. It doesn’t take long to create a trend these days.

The specialist returned a few days later with another video of a young girl wearing the same colour. This time, the caption read: “The perfect summer hair colour” — none other that “vanillaalmondbutter.” In fact, these posts were shared less than a month ago. However, several videos on the subject have already been viewed at high speed and totaled several million views.

What is it that makes this colour so special? According to various online videos, the “vanilla almond butter” shade is a delicate mix of warm to cool tones. It has dark roots, increasing blonde lengths, and ends with icy blonde tips. The combination of shades is what matters. You can try it yourself and have a great summer with this trendy hair color.

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