beaded assorted accessories in case

TikTok’s Summer Accessory of Choice: Chunky Rings

beaded assorted accessories in case

You’ve probably seen the colorful, transparent rings that line TikTok users’ fingers. The lucite styles are playful and childlike. They come in both rectangular and oval shapes and feature decorative baubles such as gemstones. Wearers often pile on multiple rings of various colors and shapes, much like Ring Pops did back in the day.

They’re not only everywhere on the platform but you’ll also find them in Brooklyn and Manhattan. These 20-somethings are known for their #DayInMyLife videos. Many of these videos feature brunch at Ruby’s or trips to Here Nor There in the East Village, where they purchase the rings. According to TikTok’s store, their rings have sold out since they were featured on the platform. They are affordable — $15 to $20 — and they can be sustained — Julia Copeland, a celebrity stylist, sells a variety of vintage reworked — which is why they are so beloved by Gen Z.

TikTok users can also find rings at Here Nor There. You can also get lucite jewelry from Etsy and eBay. Olivia Josephsen purchased them on eBay in bulk while “drinking” one night. They were child-sized. This is not surprising, considering the style reminds her of summer camp. Josephsen reveals that a lot of these rings were made by children or for children. However, she says, “Like, I’m here to it.” She also shows off the adult-sized, colorful rings she replaced them.

This trend isn’t new. Before TikTok made throwbacks popular this year, resin rings were available at niche boutiques in the form glass-blown styles by Maryam Naassir Zadeh or Jane D’arensbourg for up to $300. They are expensive and not easily accessible, even though they are made from high-quality materials.

Users have started a DIY movement by recognizing this. One teenager, @queenslairbykatie, started an Etsy shop where she sells handmade rings. She says, “As a high-schooler, I know that teens don’t have the money so I will sell them for $8.97,” in a video. She is not the only one. Many Gen Zers are making resin and lucite rings and selling them on platforms such as Instagram and Depop. TikTok shows that #resinrings is viewed over 5.6 million times, and #plasticrings almost 200,000. #Clayrings, another ring trend, has 14.2 millions views.

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa are driving the statement ring trend outside of the platform. Global shopping platform Lyst reported last year that plastic rings have been in demand since January 2021. According to Lyst, searches for resin rings were up 28% per month in 2021. The most popular keywords were “chunky”, and “bold”. The popularity of “Colorful rings”, with page views up 19% from the beginning February 2021, was also impressive. Its findings show that yellow, neon green and hot pink are the most popular colors. The hashtag #chunkyrings has been viewed over 34 million times on TikTok by 2022.

The Barcelona-based brand La Manso designed the rings for Lipa and Hadid. Adriana Manso founded the brand three years ago after being inspired by her grandmother’s ring collection. The website states that “We want to be at all your events, including cocktails, at the supermarket, working out in the gym, and swimming in the pool.” “We promise that we will be the centre of attention, at all times and in any circumstance.” Manso’s aim to take the “carats” and expense out of buying luxury jewelry — her rings cost between $55-$80 and are certainly gaining popularity.

It’s easy to see why teens will turn to Here Nor There shops for cheaper alternatives, given that candy-like rings were not available before. You can even make your own. TikTok is a crafty tool.

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