white plastic bottle beside white ceramic swan figurine

TikTok’s Ordinary Hair Growth Serum Is so Cheap, that Everyone Can Afford

white plastic bottle beside white ceramic swan figurine

TikTok has tons of beauty inspiration, including catchy choreography and tons transformation trends. TikTok has influenced my beauty routine in many ways, from product recommendations to makeup tutorials. This is a new way to discover what products and makeup best suit your skin, hair, and needs.

Anything I see on my For You Page at this point is worth trying. The Ordinary’s Multipeptidide Serum for hair density is the latest viral product. It has received 4-star reviews from Sephora. This concentrated serum claims that it will make all hair types healthier, thicker, denser and fuller. It is also vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. The key ingredients include caffeine, castor oil and Redensyl ™, Procapil ™ and Baicapil ™. These key ingredients target hair follicles in order to increase growth and thickness.

Although it is technically a serum, the consistency of the product is thinner than water. This makes it easy to apply and less likely that your hair will feel greasy. The product’s official Sephora page states that you should apply a few drops of the serum to your dry, clean scalp and massage it every day. This is a treatment that can be used overnight. Avoid washing your scalp immediately after applying it.

The best thing? It comes in a 2-ounce container and retails at $17.90.

Taylor Rose, a.k.a @thehealthyhygge via TikTok seems to believe in it. After two months of using this serum, she noticed that her hair was fuller and healthier. Although you can still see areas where she experienced hair loss or thinning, the serum is working its magic.

Taylor stated that “it’s growing back into slowly but surely,” showing her temples from each side, “This side takes a little longer, but it is working.”

Georgia, another user, also used the product for her hair growth. She said that she was able to see a difference in just two and a quarter months. Georgia claimed her hair grew by just over 4 inches after applying the serum to her roots, and she massaged her scalp every week.

Georgia stated in her video that she did not heat-style her hair to achieve faster results and avoid any damage.

TikTok’s Multi-Peptide Hair Density Serum by The Ordinary may be the perfect match if you are looking to grow your hair thicker or fuller.

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