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Have You Tried the TikTok’s new Trend Reverse Cat Eye?

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The latest beauty trend is the reverse cateye, which came straight from the catwalk. Mel Barrese (@melbarrese_makeup), Head Makeup Artist at THG Colour Brands, shared all the details about this signature look.

The origins of the reverse cat eye look are unknown. Although this is a classic look, it has been given a new name by social media. Normally the focus is always on the upper eye, but applying product to the lower lashes can be very flattering and glamorous. It is universal and makes your eyes look more almond-shaped, elongated, and lifted.

The reverse cat eye gives the eye lift by pulling the outer edges of the eyes upwards. This makes it ideal for all types of eyes and ages. You can use a classic or smokey eyeliner, but your goal as a Makeup Artist is to make the eye appear lifted and almond. This technique is essential in beauty makeup.

You will need special products and tools to achieve this look. It requires key black eye lining products, such as a pencil, gel, or pen eyeliner, and then a matte black shadow. While the pencil can be used to fill in the waterline, it is not possible to do so with only eyeliners gels or pens. You also won’t be able use only eyeshadows.

Illamasqua SOPHIE is a great pencil for this purpose. A gel or pen eyeliner is our preferred method of creating the main body. They are easy to apply and allow for a precise flick at both the inner and outer corners. Eye liners such as Eyeko’s Black Magic are very easy to use and have a sharp point. Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner, paired with the brush, will give you more control, but still allow for fine details at the outer edges. While the eyeliner’s primary focus is on the underside, it is possible to create a look with a fine liner at the top. Both of these products will help you achieve this effect. You can also see the reverse cat eye, which is slightly smudged beneath. This can be done with eyeliner, but a black shadow will make it look even more smooth.

Tutorial on reverse cat eye make-up

  1. Apply eyeliner to your bottom lash line. Make sure to get as close as possible to the roots of your lashes. Apply the eyeliner along your lashes, then use a small fluffy brush to smudge it out slightly.
  2. Using a cotton bud or an eye-lining brush, draw out the outer edge of your lashes, following the imaginary line that your lash line creates. Move upwards towards the brows.
  3. Apply the eyeliner in the inner corner. Make sure to pull the product slightly past the tear duct. To create a faded, fine flick, use a cotton bud or an eye-lining brush.
  4. Apply eyeshadow in the same color as the eyeliner. Blend it with a small brush to create a smokey, out-of-control look.
  5. Apply pencil liner to the waterline. Make sure that it is the same intensity as the one below the lashes.
  6. Next, apply very thin eyeliner on the top lashes. This should hug the eye and join the liner to both the inner corner liner and the outer corner bottom liner.
  7. Finish the look with lots of mascara. To add warmth and texture to your eyes, you can apply a warm peach eyeshadow to your crease.

It is important to apply eyeliner and clean up any smudges and wobbles with a Q-Tip. MUAs are trained to apply eyeliner precisely where it is needed. They will also tidy up any areas that have become smudged or not required. It’s important that you experiment with your eyeliner if you have trouble with it. We recommend a gel liner such as Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner. This gel is thick so you have a lot more control and doesn’t runaway.

You don’t need to use black liner. In fact, you can go with a darker brown if your preference is for something more subtle. The overall look and intensity will be the same, but it will not feel as strong against your skin. You can add bright pops to this look using colours like blue, green, or even pink.

The best thing about the reversed cateye is that it works for all eyes. Because the emphasis is more on the lower lash liner, and the product is very thin on the top that hugs the eye with a slight flick, the reversed cat eye is perfect for all eyes. This allows you to avoid having to navigate your eyelids.

When it comes to creating any type of eyeliner look (especially the reverse cat eye), cotton buds and micellar waters are your best friends. These allow you to quickly apply the product and then wipe off any mistakes. Make sure to use micellar water that is compatible with waterproof formulas. After you have cleaned up your mistakes, let the micellar water dry and blot the area with tissue before applying more.

Make sure you pull out the outer and inner corners. Next, apply your eyeliner. Then, using a dry cotton bud or a thin brush, pull upwards. This will pull the product out, leaving you with a fine but faded point.

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