brown makeup brush in front pink powder on glass case

New TikTok trend tested: Blush added to Undereye Concealer

brown makeup brush in front pink powder on glass case

It’s not unusual for me to wonder what it would be like if the Kardashian glam team did an entire routine on me. In this fantasy world, Ariel Tejada would be my makeup artist. I want to see how he creates the subtle pink undereye effect that gives Kylie Jenner her natural-looking skin. While I still wait for Tejada to call my number for a makeover I have come across another TikTok makeup trend: adding blush to undereye concealer. This might be a good way to keep me going until then.

@paintedbyspencer created the original TikTok. He narrates in eight seconds, saying “If your blush is not blended up to your undereye, you’re missing it — just sayin” while applying a powder blush of dusty rose to his cheekbones. This gives his skin a healthy, bright, and youthful appearance. The trend was quickly adopted by other content creators, who created their own versions.

@makeupbyalissiac is one user whose video has been duetted many times (and who I follow for her fierce eye and natural base). She uses a concealer brush to blend Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush into her inner corner. She finishes her look by setting her undereyes in a bright, pink powder blush.

Although I was stunned by the natural and flattering results of using a liquid blush, it was her caption “mixing liquid blush and my concealer has transformed my life” that made me reach for my Kaja Whipped Dream multi-eye. As soon as the video was over, Cheek Color and Hourglass Vand Airbrush Concealer were on my mind.

I had my concealer, blush and lipstick in hand so I decided to put it off and contact Tommy Napoli, a New York City-based makeup artist for his expert opinion. Napoli advises that blush should be applied high on the apples of the cheeks, and as close as possible to the eyes. Why? According to him, blush is often applied too low on the skin, which can make the face look saggy and sad.

You can create the illusion of higher cheekbones by applying blush higher up on the apples if you’re like Napoli, who believes that makeup can be an emotional exercise.

Applying a tiny dot of blush to my inner corners, I put the concealer and blended it in with a damp Beautyblender. Surprised, my undereyes received a color-correcting effect from the blush, just like Napoli claimed.

He says that it “adds blood to the undereyes and cancels out any gray shadows beneath.” Correctors and cream blushes often have similar formulas and texture. It’s an old trick that may explain why your grandmother applied lipstick to her cheeks.

Napoli says that blush should contain some peach or coral as it color corrects the undereyes. Most people have blue-gray eyes due to lack of blood flow. Orange is the opposite of blue. Stila’s Convertible Colours and Charlotte Tilbury Magic vanish Under Eye Corrector (in #4) are two products Napoli uses to correct undereyes.

Final verdict

I will most definitely be correcting my undereyes using a liquid blush, before applying concealer to the areas I choose to cover. Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1? What are you waiting to do? Give it a shot.

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