photo of white mug on table

Three Cool Products For Summer Heat

photo of white mug on table

Mid-July temperatures can be dangerous for those who aren’t prepared. You’ve probably become used to sweat running down your back and into the shoes if you’ve spent the last few weeks on the East Coast. The first time you take a sip of iced coffee, the watery mess turns into a liquid. No amount of hand-fanning will stop those first drops of sweat from your upper lips. Your office’s air conditioner has made it more enjoyable to walk into work every Monday morning.

There are some handy products that will lift your spirits and bring you the sweetness of autumn.

  • Soothing face mist

Refresh your skin with a refreshing spritz of roses and aloe to soothe and hydrate. Your favorite rose says more about you than you think


  • Mini iPhone Fan

With a mini fan connected to your phone, will you be crazy? Maybe. You might be the most chill person on your morning commute. Definitely.


  • Corkcicle Canteen

Triple-insulation means that the Corkcicle Canteen can keep your cold beverage cold for 25 hours. It can also hold your hot beverage for up 12 hours. But that’s not the point.

$28 for 16 oz bottle.

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