woman in brown coat sitting on black chair

This shoe is perfect for transitional weather

woman in brown coat sitting on black chair

Few shoe styles fall under the umbrella of transitional and timeless. These shoes are timeless and can last for almost a year. For example, the knee boot. They are fashion staples in fall and winter and an essential for spring minidresses or shorts. The loafer is a timeless style that looks great no matter what season. These styles are a staple for comfort and ease, so it’s no surprise that mules have reached the top of this list. They are practical and comfortable and can brighten up any outfit.

The simple shoe, often a sleek sandal or minimalist closed-toe style, can easily be worn in summer and well into fall. You’re likely to have a few pairs of these shoes in your collection, with new styles appearing almost every season. Wedge soles, strappy sandals and pyramid heels are all becoming wardrobe staples. The question is, are mules back in fashion? These stylish, transitional looks will make you stand out.

Floral Midi Dress

A simple open-toe mule in a neutral color is the perfect pair for another timeless classic, the floral midi dress. A minimal-looking mule with sleek black accessories and a similar color is best for a mini as the one shown above.

Oversized Shirt Dress

For a sophisticated yet effortless look, it is important to stick with a neutral palette.

High Loose Bermuda Women’s Shorts

The classic loafer leather loafer is a stylish and comfortable alternative to wearing sneakers.

Alpaca Blend Knit Sweater

This look is about pairing quality basics with the simplicity and elegance of a simple black mule.

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